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  1. Gray & Tate | Wayzata Engagement Photography

    From the minute Gray & I had our first phone conversation, I knew I needed her in my life. When she told me the story of how Tate stole her heart when he took her on a date to pick out a puppy (see my new best friend Mudge below), I was smitten with them and their love. When we finally met in person five months later and both she & Tate greeted me with a hug and proceeded to … Read More

  2. Carlyn & Erik | Santa Ynez Valley Wedding

    In a week where my heart was broken from my grandfather’s passing just days before, this group of people brought me an insane amount of laughter, loved me like family and maybe, just maybe, made sure my wine glass was always full (when I wasn’t working, of course). My heart lives with these people, it really does. Carlyn & Erik. There just hasn’t been adequate language invented yet to describe how much I adore you. From start to finish, your day … Read More

  3. Oho Business Talk | No. 3

    If you’ve spent any time on my instagram (and if you haven’t, why not?), you know that my studio space is one of my favorite spots in the Twin Cities. Not only do I share it with people I love, but it’s also just a really beautiful space to work from. My (not so) super secret confession? In the 16 months I’ve had a signed lease, outside of meetings with clients, I’ve spent maybe a handful of days actually working there. … Read More

  4. Johnson Family | Lifestyle

    Some things change drastically (like little man Hunter, from newborn to straight up can’t-hold-me-down adorable – and charming – toddler with boundless energy to burn) and some things never change (like my inability to blog before an entire year has passed). Johnson Fam, I adore you hardcore. Let’s do this again soon.

  5. Oho Business Talk | No. 2

    Guys. I’m having a pretty magical moment right now. The world is a snow globe outside, the candles are lit, my favorite instrumental Spotify playlist is softly playing and the dogs are curled up beside me looking extra snuggleable. I may have spilled coffee all over myself and my favorite chair this morning but, gosh darn it, this Monday turned itself right around with this magic moment. And since it’s a Monday, there really is no better day to talk about … Read More

  6. Emily & Tom | Bayport Maternity Lifestyle Photography

    Is anything better than a glowing, floral crown wearing mom-to-be & handsome dad-to-be (who also happen to be a favorite past wedding couple) in the most perfect summer golden hour ever created? Spoiler. No. There’s really not. S0, I promise I won’t ruin this with words; I’ll just let the sunset do the talking…

  7. Sarah & Scott | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    Sarah & Scott are my kind of people. They love their dog only slightly less than they love each other, they snuggle hard, laugh freely and they put up with the arctic perma-chill that Minnesota in February brings to hang out and take photos with THIS GIRL. (And I swear to you, they didn’t even laugh me off their property when I proposed taking off their coats for a photo or two.) You’ll love them – not because of all … Read More

  8. Oho Business Talk | No. 1

    Happy Slow Season, friends! With 2018 being my tenth (YOU GUYS) wedding season in business, I’ve learned a thing or two about myself as a business owner and while I know others may thrive in the “busy”, I know that – for me – rest & renewal is necessary to being my best self when the next wedding season rolls around. As much as I love (and I do truly love) wedding season and the constant state of work, hustle … Read More


    2017. In the midst of a year that felt exceptionally chaotic, both from a personal and business perspective, I found myself seeking out & savoring the quieter moments of life. The moments where the world goes quiet around you as you walk with your love. The minutes where laughing with your best friends seems to heal something inside of you. The moments where those nearest and dearest see you in a different light and especially those solo moments where you … Read More

  10. Rex | Minneapolis Newborn Lifestyle Photography

    The fact that most of the subjects of my latest newborn posts are having their first birthdays already mayyyyyyyybe a sign that I should blog more but maybe, just maybe, they serve as the best reminders of those (exhausting & seemingly never-ending but truly) wonderful newborn days of the past as these littles ones are now crawling, scooting, walking and filled with tiny, powerhouse personalities. Rex, you could not be more loved. I hope you still have those killer cheeks.