A Girl and her Dog.

I’m asking you for your help. Actually, I take that back; I need your help on this one. I can’t do it alone. Read on.

photo credit: (the fabulous) Lucky Mutt Photography

I am (quite certainly) the definition of the crazy dog person that you shake your head at. The person who loves her dog as much as a human baby (I can say this because I don’t have a human baby.); I’m also the person who thinks kissing her dog, square on the mouth (multiple times a day), is a totally normal occurence and one that I will actively search him out in the house to do.

Please still like me.

I think it’s obvious at this point, but this dog means the world to me. If anything were to happen to him, the word devasted would not even touch it; if we were separated, you had better believe I would be doing everything in my power to get him back.

Enter the tragedy in Japan last week. I wracked my brain trying to figure out a way to help and since I can’t be there myself to help, I wanted to find a way that wouldn’t just be throwing money at a problem but would be actively DOING something to better the situation of those affected. An amazing redheaded friend, who’s photo is proudly next to mine in the “crazy dog person” dictionary, inspired my decision to focus my efforts on the animals and, in particular, the American Humane Association who’s Red Star Team currently is working day and night to find and rescue animals affected by the tsunami and earthquake.

This is where you come in. I will make a $1 donation for every comment that is made between now and Friday, March 25. It can be a single-word comment or it could be confessions of your undying crazy love for that furry little animal at home; I honestly don’t care, just please comment. And spread the word. The more people know about it, the more animals can be saved or reunited with their owners. You can also donate $10 by texting PROTECT to 85944.

I pray that none of us are ever effected by the effects of a widespread tragedy but if we were, I hope that someone would care enough about the well being of that dog, who brings me more joy than I ever thought possible, to do something about it.

I happened upon this photo yesterday and that was the end of it. It will take you 30 seconds and could potentially create this kind of joy for another human being; really, how could you not?

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  1. Emma P.

    I love this idea so much- what a wonderful way to contribute!

  2. Kelli B

    Awesome!! Way to go! I love it! :)

  3. I love you. And my picture is right there with you under dog crazy. I need my puppy.

  4. Ashley

    Although I do love you and I am a recent dog owner(I know, I know, you thought that would never happen). Having family in Japan makes me want to support more the actual people affected rather than the dogs. Here is a dollar for a dog but check out donating to Samaritan’s Purse(samaritanspurse.org) They are doing amazing things there and in other areas of the world.

  5. Kim Stull

    Did you see this: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/dog-in-japan-stays-by-the-side-of-its-ailing-friend-in-the-rubble ?

    Breaks my heart. Thank you for doing this – what an inspiring thing to do.

  6. That picture! {sobs} I’m inspired to do the same Mel, thanks for bringing awareness.

  7. Jess D.

    What a touching picture and blog post! You are such a sweetheart!

  8. Great idea! Stories of family pets were among the most heart-wrenching after New Orleans, too.

  9. Oh no, that image is heart breaking. All of the images from Japan are terrifying. I love that you are reaching out and giving to save these animals. I can’t imagine the peace it brings these owners to know their animals are safe with them. :(

  10. Jen schultz

    I also will kiss my dog squarely on the nose. It makes me feel like I’m 12, and I’m sure everyone thinks im a freak. But I love her like my kids. <3

  11. Brittney

    Thank you for doing this…it’s so touching and inspiring to see the human spirit at work. :)

  12. Ashley

    You’re amazing Melissa!!! Such a great idea!!

  13. Love your heart sweetie.

  14. Lynn W

    You’re amazing! I love that you are doing this.

  15. On behalf of American Humane Association, I’d personally like to thank you for donating $1 for every comment to our Japan Relief Fund. There are so many animals in need right now, and we’re going to be able to help so many with your donations!

    Thank you,
    Lauren Klostermann
    ePhilanthropy Manager

  16. Eric

    This is a great idea!

  17. Melissa, this post is wonderful. I was just thinking of all the pets and then I saw your post so I am glad that I have now found a way to help. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  18. Mette

    Beautiful photos of your dog, thank you for sharing them with us. I’m another one of those crazy dog people who loves their dog more than words can describe. What you’re doing is amazingly generous and thoughtful. I’ve already made a donation to the Humane Association but I’m now going to go and make another. Thank you again!

  19. Megan

    I’m going to hug my pup extra hard tonight. Bravo on this idea, lovely lady!

  20. great, great idea melissa. i love my doggie- do just as much.

  21. Melissa, this is fantastic! I’ve been thinking of ways I can help as well, and this is absolutely fitting. When disasters such as this happen, the abandoned pets often go unnoticed. Thank you for doing this – great idea!

  22. Sure a wonderful thing you are doing! I plan to retweet this as well as share the text number to donate $10.
    Thanks for the info!

  23. Great idea! I totally feel the same way but in regards to my kitty. He’s pretty much a member of the family:)

  24. I’m such an animal lover. Thanks for doing this Melissa!

  25. What a wonderful thing for you to do…you are so right about that photo..thank you!

  26. Liz

    Such a tragedy! Thank you for doing this! Great idea!

  27. Matt Moore

    You’re awesome for doing this!! I hope this one dollar helps a family find their doggers because in a time like this, a doggers can be one of a few only friends

  28. Nancy

    Very touching! Hope it helps many!

  29. Lizzie Misner

    I cried both times i read this. You are AMAZING.

  30. OMG OMG! I love this and I am so thankful that you are doing it! :) Off to donate more $$ at them! We all know that puppies and pets make the world go round!!!!!

  31. Amazing idea. You are awesome!!!!

  32. Tari Moore

    I had always hoped and prayed you and your brother would share a value that is near and dear to my heart – a commitment to making your neighborhood/community/world a better place. You’ve made your Mom VERY proud!

  33. Lemme get this straight, you think I would like you *less* for smooching Gunnar on the mouth?? That’s just crazy talk. ;) Can’t wait to see you next week!!

  34. Susan Janni Anderson

    What a great idea! I think about all the pets in Japan when my husband and I go visit the Humane Society every weekend! Pets sure put a smile on your facce! God bless you!!

  35. Bethany

    Roscoe (my papillon) and I love this.

  36. You are such a good kid! This is a fabulous idea!

  37. Dawn

    Thank you for doing this!

  38. Pat

    Thank you. Such a great idea. I will donate above. Thanks again!

  39. Danielle

    Brilliant! Thank you!

  40. Kathy Kamholz

    I’m a crazy dog person too! Love what your doing to help our dog friends in Japan. Thank you for doing this!

  41. Bonnie

    Melissa, I love the person you have become. This is amazing. My heart goes out to all the animals that have lost their humans at this time. Thanks Girlie!

  42. You are an amazing woman! These dogs do brighten our lives and I pray and hope along with you as people rebuild and reconnect with loved ones, the four legged ones will not be forgotten!!

  43. Marissa

    You are so amazing MO. This so touches my heart! I love you so much!

  44. Donna Koliopoulos

    What a sweet idea! No wonder your Mom is so proud of you! God Bless!

  45. Amie johnson

    Beautiful, what a wonderful way to give back to the ones that love us unconditionally.

  46. I LOVE that you are contributing! So awesome :)

  47. Carolyn L. Crouch

    What a wonderful idea. You are as lovely and thoughtful as your mother!

  48. So proud of you for doing this!! That photo melts my heart… xoxo!

  49. Kimber

    This is a great idea, so glad you have found your own way to help. I can attest to the need for love from a furry friend. When my parents were going through their divorce, my beagle’s soft ears were the comfort of my night when I just needed someone to listen and would never tell a soul. Donate away my friend!

  50. Mackenzie

    I just posted my comment somewhere else… Whoops! I would be heartbroken without my puppies, Chloe and Oliver! You are absolutely incredible for doing this!

  51. Sarah Moore

    You are so awesome! I love you!

  52. I have a little boy with special needs, who has taught me to be quite the animal lover! Animals teach us patience, compassion and undying love. Some of the stories out of Japan are so heartbreaking, yet stories of rescues (including the animals) are inspirational. God bless :) -Heather Mistler, Cecil County, MD

  53. Debbie Graham

    You must be an amazing woman. I know your mother, Tari. You apparently take after her. We lost our beloved dog four years ago. He brought us so much happiness and is still missed to this day. Good luck in your endeavors to save the animals in Japan.

  54. Emily G

    Melissa, I know your Brother && your parents! It does not surprise me you have a big heart like they do! GOOD LUCK :) I’m glad you are standing up for the animals :) They tend to get forgotten.

  55. Rebecca S

    Melissa you are amazing!

  56. Melissa! I love love love your big heart! Such an amazing heart!

  57. eve

    I love you sweet girl! You are amazing!

  58. Shannon

    I love animals and am thinking about all the animals and people over in Japan. Thank you for doing this.

  59. Chris

    I too kiss my dog on his mouth ;)
    Thank you for doing this.

  60. Lise

    You are awesome! Texted my donation this morning! Keep up the good work and kiss Gunnar for me!

  61. cutest photo ever at the end of the post. good luck, mel.

  62. Bonnie, Clyde, Skip & Ginger

    Melissa, This is a wonderful idea and I’m happy to help! We LOVE our furry guys and can’t imagine a life without them. <3 Jodie

  63. Kim Terry & MacKenzie

    Hi Melissa, My Kenzie is a rescue and without generous people like you his life would have been lost. Those animals in Japan will also have a good outcome because of you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  64. Aw, good idea! I TOTALLY hear you on the human baby thing… me and D, wow. Great idea.

  65. Laurie

    I am friend of your mom, and think this a wonderful thing you are doing.

  66. Adrienne

    Thank you for doing this. When disaster strikes help pours in for the people, thankfully, but the helpless animals often go on suffering, with some posing a public health threat. I’m so glad there are organizations that step up to help the animals. Keep up the great work! I’m a friend of you mom’s, too.

  67. Whitney Crosser

    That picture of the man reunited with his dog is so sweet– how amazing!

  68. Jessica

    Melissa, this is a wonderful thing you are doing. I too, love giving kisses to my dog. He is my whole world! I would be lost without him. The picture up above just makes my heart so happy. And also brings tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine being separated from my best boy. But thank God they were reunited. A love of a dog can never be replaced. Thank you for all that you are doing!

  69. Nicole

    I really hope those animals get all the help they need! I can’t stand seeing them suffer!!!!!!!

  70. I feel so bad for the people of Japan. They havebeen through a horrible ordeal. The anials are surely missed by thier humans & need to be reunite with them if possible. I hope the people & the animals of Japan get all the help they need to get through this & come out stronger.

  71. Jen Crews

    Melissa – you know our love for our dog Bella, so I can totally relate. Thanks so much for doing this – you are amazing!

  72. Kim

    That is so sweet!

  73. Jordan Cox

    Hi Melissa! I’m Jordan, Matt’s friend, and just wanted to say this is awesome! I love your work! and what a generous caring heart you have!

  74. Go Team :) Your kind heart is inspiring me today!

  75. Helena

    From one animal lover to another, thank you for doing this.

  76. Hey M!
    Your generosity inspires me yet again.

  77. Lauren

    Aww what a great thing to support! It’s awesome that you’re doing this… Good luck!

  78. I love you. This is amazing. And yes, I’m right there beside you under “crazy dog person” and I am very, very proud of it. :) :) :) :) :)

  79. Jes

    You rule! Our puppy is our baby too.

  80. I admit to being a crazy dog person, too. My heart aches for these people and animals in Japan. Thank you for doing this!

  81. Noel

    Melissa you are so amazing! Thank you for doing this! Texting my donation NOW!

  82. Love.

  83. Joanna

    Thanks for doing this! I am a die hard animal lover too. People like you make a huge difference in people and animal lives. Thank you.

  84. Oh I LOVE this idea!!! I am in the same boat with you about my kitties. They are my babies :) I am headed the American Humane Association website to donate more!! Thanks for this post :) :)

  85. Marie

    what you are doing is an amazing thing. the love between the owner and the dog is a special bond. thank you for helping a great cause.

  86. You’re awesome. And I love that you love dogs SO MUCH! Thanks for inspiring! :)

  87. Stephanie J.

    You, Miss Melissa have turned out to be quite an amazing woman… not that I had any doubts that you wouldn’t!! :) I’m proud of you for following your heart and joining forces to make a difference!!

    Lots of love! :)

  88. Sarah

    Very nice.

  89. Christine

    I am in the same boat as you M!! I love my dogs soooo SOOOO much! and I love my foster dogs just as much!!

  90. Anna Gengler

    This is pretty freaking awesome of you! Happy to spend your money and will spend some of my own, too!

  91. Teresa O

    Thank you for having such a big heart :)

  92. AJ McCullough

    This is an amazing idea! I’m glad there’s more dog freaks out there :)

  93. Jaime

    You are one amazing chica! Thanks for thinking of the furry friends who need help!

  94. So glad you’re doing this. You’re awesome!

  95. Melissa, this is a wonderful thing you are doing. I am happy that god made to take part in this list..The dog picture looks good…Most people add pets specially dogs as their family member as i do…Thanks for wonderful stuff and effort to collect money…

  96. Jody

    What you’re doing is great!

  97. Jennifer Elsken

    Thanks for making me cry before I’ve even had my coffee this morning. I feel exactly the same way about my little puppy, who happens to be curled up next to me. This is awesome!

  98. go melissa! a girl after my own heart ;)

  99. Mallory

    You are so inspiring:)

  100. Rachael G.

    I think the look on that man’s face says it all. I feel the same way about my dogs and I hope this can help you out! Bless you!

  101. Pam G.

    Keep doing good work.

  102. hey, M! I love dogs and can’t imagine life without them!

  103. Amy G

    great job mel!

  104. Rahul Rayn

    Great pictures and wonderful perspective! Keep up the good work!

  105. Kellie

    Done and done! I also donated $10 by texting. From one crazy lab lover to another, thank you. This is a beautiful idea.

  106. What a fabulous thing you’re doing here Melissa! We love our furbabies sooo much. You go, girl!

  107. Melissa, what a great idea!! I’m so happy to help!

  108. you are compassionate. kind. and inspiring.

  109. Neal

    Great work you are doing; I love my cat and actively search him out for kisses as well!

  110. I can’t imagine losing my Diesel, love you and your crazy dog love!!!

  111. This is great Melissa! Proud of you!

  112. Kelli B

    I totally just shared this on my fb page to get some more donations!!! This is awesome!

  113. Awesome. I had no idea how much of a dog person I would become. Now that we have Jean-luc it’s so sad to imagine losing him. Glad you’re doing this!

  114. Josh

    Dogs are better than cats :)

  115. There is no love like puppy love.

  116. Such an inspiring and truly fantastic thing you are doing lil lady! Wishing you all the best! :)

  117. Ashley

    I think your doing a great thing!

  118. jill peeler

    A girl after my own heart! Love you and keep up the good work! What a great cause!!

  119. You & your parents are incredible. I love this cause! My dog fills my life with love and I can’t imagine what it feels like to be torn apart. My heart goes out to Japan.

  120. Cant imagine life without my little bean-dip. So proud of you for doing this!

  121. Peanut and I love this idea. She wants to comment ten times on her own. Pretty sure. I mean, she even tried, but it came out a little something like this… ijfdsaoijdoiewkj iooiawkja jdsallklk;oi. She sends all 4 pounds of her love your way!

  122. Amy

    Can’t believe I haven’t commented yet. Sorry for the delay. You’re the greatest! For the sake of your sweet puppy and furry friends everywhere, your love and support is amazing. Love ya girl!

  123. abbey's mom

    such a great way to help! i love my little pup, she is my first born, and would be lost without her. and while i don’t actively search her out to let her kiss me on the mouth (her dad does, tho) she sleeps next to me, eats next to me, rides next to me, walks next to me and i swear if the hospital would let me have her in the delivery room when her baby brother comes i would have her there. thanks melissa!

  124. What a heartwarming thing to do! I have a special place in my heart for dogs and people and their dogs! Though our 80-lb puppy is a real handfull he has brought so much joy to our family and I don’t know what we would do if we lost him! Great thing you are doing here!

  125. Lauren

    Love this!!!

  126. Alyssa

    Love this idea! Hope I’m not too late! :)

  127. jacob mengelkoch

    you rock, and so do dogs.

  128. desiree roa

    What a great thing! You rock!

  129. Audrey Hanka

    Didn’t see your request till today, and it’s Saturday, the 26th. Does it still count? Dogs are the best and their name spelled backwards is GOD. Then cats are next. Your idea is great but, sorry to say, I don’t know how to text, different generation; lucky I can do this. So, how to and where to send the $10.00??

  130. Ginger Murray

    Melissa… (I know it’s past the deadline– I had to comment anyway…)

    Thank you for doing such a beautiful thing.
    I am an animal person. I have always had a heart for other critters (even bugs… I only kill mosquitoes.. or set ant traps if needed;)). I understand about loving your dog more than a human baby… I am the same way with my cat(and I also do not have a baby yet, haha). I often think, “I hope I can love my baby this much!” (of course I will, but it’s such a foreign concept). I totally get your feelings. I used to want to adopt a special needs pet… and then it turned out later that Spartacus ended up being special needs… And I am so grateful that I am the one to take care of him.

    I think too, that many people don’t like cats because a lot of people who own them just shouldn’t, and don’t know how to give them the type of care, training, or attention they deserve and need. I was at a friend’s house the other day, and her roommate’s significant other had a cat that stayed at their house. My heart broke when my friend told me that she hated the cat because it ate on the table(that’s where the his food was placed), jumps on laps uninvited, attacked her feet when she walks, and always had a full litter box. My heart broke, because I knew this hate of the animal was an issue of the care, attention, and training of the cat, and not with the actual cat himself. I picked him up, and he devoured the attention– attention his personality needed, but obviously didn’t get enough of. I think that people who have a hesitation for dogs, have had a bad experience with them as well. Pets need more care and love than many pet owners are willing(or know how, or have the ability) to give… and they’re just animals… a living creature that needs care and attention in order to be in its best possible state of mind and health (isn’t this true with humans, as well?). So anyway, I guess I’m saying this because I wonder: If this were a cat in the photo, would people be hesitant to give money because they don’t care as much for one species as they do the other? I believe so. And I believe that is a tragedy– because it would be a pet owner, and a creature, in just as much need. I believe that one of the many reasons animals were put here on this earth, was so that we could learn compassion… And I hope that even if everyone cannot give money to this cause, that at very least, this photo will cause them to feel compassion.
    This photo… it is obvious his dog meant SO much to him… It breaks my heart into a million pieces… I cannot even look at it. And when I just did again, the tears began. So much love for his pet– something we pet lovers can relate with.
    Again… thank you for doing this and spreading awareness.