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Oh, you guys. Funny story. And by funny, I mean funny in a horrifically-terrible way.

I like to think that I am un-embarassable. (This is not a challenge, little brother.) I can count on one hand the number of moments in life that I wish I could rewind, erase and start over from the very beginning. Which just basically means that I have zero shame because for the amount of times I manage to give jazz hands in any conversation should be reason enough to live under a rock.

But one of those handful of moments just happened to be with Amber & Seth. And it involved a bottle of red wine and their pristine (gorgeous) ivory carpet in their brand new (even more gorgeous) Minnetonka home. You can see where this is going, right? Let’s also throw in the fact that THIS WAS THE SECOND TIME I HAD MET THEM. EVER. And also that they literally had just signed a contract for my photography services not even an hour prior? My face was as red as the wine I just spilled on their carpet.

Lesson of the day? Clear liquids for this girl. Always. And forever. Second lesson? Sometimes the worst things happen with the best people and sometimes those things provide excellent inside jokes for the rest of your lives. AMIRIGHT?

Second funny story of the day? These two are already married which means I am approximately OHSOMANY months behind in blogging. Expect some good catching up in the next few weeks because this blog is about to see the most action EVER.

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