An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Babes | 2013

Holy moly, you guys, IT IS THE YEAR OF THE BABY.

On one hand, I have never in my life heard more words (lactation) and stories (particularly those that involved a BIRTH) that give me the whole body shudders and on the other, I’ve never been as seduced by the scent of a newborn as I have in the last few months. I’ve also experienced envy at the hands of a hasn’t-been-born-yet newborn’s clothing options (I blame Zara Baby for this) so this either means that I want a baby or I want to BE a baby.

Pretty sure it’s that second one.

holiday gift guide_2013littles

1. Heirloom Bear Blanket // $145
Was introduced to this adorable Etsy shop earlier this year by my friend Thao (and her adorable daughter Josephine with a closet Jenna Lyons herself would envy) and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Will someone please buy this for my one-day child?

2. Swedish Glockenspiel // $100
Ok. So maybe this isn’t the gift for everyone (or kid) but GOODNESS, it’s quite the showstopper gift. And maybe I (not so) secretly want it. See? Want a baby or want to BE a baby. Definitely the latter. 

3. Cloud Coat Hangars // $15
The very definition of imagination perfection. And don’t let the New Zealand part scare you – they ship to the US! 

4. ZARA Heart Print Sweater // $19.90
Honestly. Can they just make this in an adult size? 

5. Micuna Ovo Chair // $446
Since a high-chair is basically a necessity, there’s no reason it can’t be absolutely STUNNING. 

6. Freshly Picked (Limited Edition) Gold Moccasins // $60
I will kiss the face of any baby I see wearing these. 

7. Twig Creative Pixie Black & Brass Wooden Toy Camera // $40
This kicks the pants off of those old Fischer Price toy cameras from our childhood, doesn’t it? 

8. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Triangular Crayons // $6.95
I recently pinned these to my Gifting Pinterest board and a mama friend of mine commented that she had these for her sweet girl and loved them because they don’t roll off the table. GENIUS. Put that under “Things You Don’t Think About Until You Have Kids”.

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  1. Best round up I’ve seen so far. I think I want everything for Josephine :)

  2. How do I make the emoji of HEART EYES on my computer??! Because that’s what this comment needs.