An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Furball | 2012

You guys. I have a high-maintenance dog. I do. He prefers soft (and expensive) baby toys to durable (and slightly less expensive) dog toys and requires that all meals be served to him on our bed (ok, not really but it feels like it). It also might be possible that he takes after his dog mom and is a lover of nice things (or his dog mom is a sucker that buys him nice things, let’s not think in detail about that possibility).

So, today, for those 4-legged lovers in your life, I give you Gunnar’s picks for his furry friends (and himself).

For the Sweetpea : Portia Pebble Dog Toy | $34
Is Gunnar suggesting you purchase a $34 dog toy for your pet? YES. YES HE IS.

For the Chowhound : Vintage Pet Food Bowl & Stand | $19 to $39 per piece
We purchased a similar pet food bowl & stand set from Pottery Barn when we were still counting Gunnar’s age in weeks (5+ years ago) and it has held up (magically) through his chowhound, rough-and-tumble ways so he’s a big fan of anything Pottery Barn does for pets; especially anything that provides him with food.

For the Active Dog : Downtown Burly Collar | $20
Yet another Gunnar’s I-Own-This-I-Approve items. We can’t take him anywhere without someone asking where we got his collar. The local answer? Urbanimal but you can find it online here.

For the Silly Cat : Packed Lunch Fish Cat Toy | $20.50
My bestie’s cat is one of the most hilarious little rascals I’ve ever encountered and toys like these are Dutch-approved which counts for everything in Gunnar’s book.

For the Sleepy Bear : Bolster Dog Bed | $267.50
I love the aesthetic of a basic dog bed but my picky pup likes to rest his body against something when he sleeps (yep). This gorgeous bolster dog bed fits his desire for something to lay against and my desire for a dog bed that isn’t an eyesore. (Related. Can you pass along picky tendencies to your dog?)

For the Scaredy Cat(Dog) : Thundershirt | $39.99
I joke about my dog being neurotic but the truth is, he really is. Gunnar is terrified of almost everything including the sound my desk drawers make, binder rings opening & closing and anything that even remotely sounds like a fire alarm. For years, we’ve scoffed at the idea of the Thundershirt until we actually tried it and our anxious dog suddenly was brave and uninhibited. Consider us Thundershirt converts. (And if you see a redhead out walking a dog in a shirt, say hi. It’s likely me.)

For the Bone Lover : Crochet Bone Dog Toy | $21
Gunnar can’t get over how sweet this little toy is and how much he wants to chew it up.

For the One Who Likes to Play : Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding | Daycare starting at $16, Boarding at $39/night
I am a crazy dog mom; this has been established, many (many) times. I’m also the kind of crazy dog mom that just hates the idea of boarding her dog. I mean, we’re talking I would do anything in my power to avoid boarding my dog. However, earlier this year we ran into a situation where Gunnar’s dog-sitter auntie was unavailable and we were out of options; Matt discovered Metro Dogs via some incredible reviews online, sent me links to watch their videos and I was hooked. If I have to leave my dog, all I want is someone who will love my dog like I love him and care for him like I would and Metro Dogs is the first place that made me feel (through their service, video cams and Gunnar’s literal tail-wagging love of going there) that they do. I am so, so incredibly grateful to Amy and her staff for always caring for Gunnar in the BEST way.

For the Hungry Cat : Cat Bowl Meow | $22.50
That “meow” in the bottom of the bowl is the reason Gunnar would buy these for his cat friends. Not even lying about that.

For the Tug-of-War King : Cotton Rope Tug | $12.50
Gunnar loved this toy like it was his BABY until it met it’s untimely death earlier this year. (Don’t tell him, but there’s another one under the Christmas tree.)

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  1. As usual Gunnar, you have impeccable taste. Cheers my friend, and a hearty meow coming at your from Virginia!

    Love from your paw pal brother from another mother (and species, but who’s counting?),