An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Furry Friends | 2013

It no secret that Gunnar is a snuggly dog. We’re not sure if it’s that he gets cold easily (middle of the night burrowing into the warm space between Matt and I is the dead give-away on that one) or if it’s that my efforts to teach him how to cuddle (aka, force cuddling) when he was a puppy FINALLY PAID OFF (there’s got to be truth to that). What you may not know – and what Matt Oholendt will never ever admit to – is that the looks he gives me when Gunnar chooses to cuddle with him over me basically say, “your dog loves me more”. And we all know that’s totally not true, right? RIGHT?

Which means we’re officially those dog owners that compete for their dog’s love and affection. This fact doesn’t make us bad people…just crazy.

I’m ok with that.

holiday gift guide_2013furry

1. Dash & Albert Wouf Dog Bed // beginning at $95
If my Instagram feed shows anything it’s that Gunnar has a deep love for laying on soft things. Our bed. The couch. The lap of anyone who will let him. Pretty sure a Dash & Albert bed would top the list of “Things Gunnar Loves to Lay On”. 

2. Barketek Double Dining Set // $62.15
There are a lot of First World Problems in my life, but this one has been plaguing me for years: finding a dog bowl set that I don’t hate. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME (and Gunnar). 

3. Paige Denim Stripe Bone Dog Toy // $38.20
For the preppiest dog in town. 

4. Love Thy Beast Carrying Tote // $180
I wish, so badly, that Gunnar was small enough to carry around. If you have a dog small enough to fit in this bag? You owe it to yourself to bring that pup everywhere. 

5. Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding // Half-Day Daycare begins at $16
Gunnar’s FAVORITE daycare. Where they lavish him with love, treats and nap times (while I watch creepily on the webcams). 

6. NiteIze SpotLit Clip-on LED // $5.39
Guys. I am a fanatic about the safety of my dog and any (every) dog I see in the world. When I see owners walking their dogs in the dark without any sort of safety reflector/light/giant sign that says DON’T HIT ME OR MY DOG, I get ragey inside. So it goes without saying that when I see dog owners who put their dogs in reflective vests AND clip on a safety light? I want to hug them. MAKE ME WANT TO HUG YOU THIS CHRISTMAS.

7. See Scout Sleep Out of My Box Collar // $28
I’m always on the hunt for Gunnar’s next collar (the boy loves his fashion) and these collars with the gold buckle? Can’t handle. Santa, please bring Gunnar (me) all four colors.

8. Octopus Rope Toy // $14
Gunnar would soft-mouth this bad boy for a solid week and then chew off the tentacles in 60-hot-seconds in a fit of excitement but he would enjoy that week and 60 seconds SO MUCH. 

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