An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Gents | 2013

My husband is a gift whisperer. You know, that person who always, and consistently, comes up with the perfect gift for each special person in their life? Yeah, that’s him. What the poor guy didn’t know (about me) was that I’m basically the exact opposite and am always and consistently a bad gift gifter (and now everyone knows that every great gift they’ve ever received from the Ohos has been at the hands of Matt Oholendt, WHATEVER, OK?). But what I DO know – specifically about my husband – is that there are four (material) things in life that my rarely-spends-money-on-himself guy loves and I love to spoil him with:

1. A pair of nice pants.
2. Patterned socks.
3. Shoes that are going to last FOREVER.
4. Music technology that allows him to jam out to his iTunes playlists.

So, bottom line? This Oho Gift Guide for the gents?

Nailed it. (If I do say so myself.)

holiday gift guide_2013gents

1. Red Wing Heritage, Style No. 2931 Ice Cutter // $380
I think the longer I lived in Minneapolis the more attached I find myself to Minnesota-grown companies but Red Wing deserves the attachment tenfold. Not only does the company have a beautiful history but they also create a product worthy of praise (and apparently worthy of bidding wars between Japanese consumers according to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article) and a product that I know a certain gent in my life would love to own. 

2. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic // $150
I mean. It doesn’t get any more classic than this. (Also, teenage Melissa was once in [puppy] love with a guy who wore Ray-Bans and popped his collar. Oh, memories.) 

3. Jonathan Adler Box Set of Three Socks // $30
I married a man who can’t get enough of patterned socks and that fact makes me unspeakably happy. 

4. Roberu Leather Camera Strap // $158
This should be titled, “how to make your man with a camera VERY VERY HAPPY”.

5. onefourtythree Emerson Light // $115
Quirky lighting perfection. I love everything this company does. Especially their task lighting. 

6. Izola Dapper Dopp Kit // $45
Sad but true, Matt Oholendt’s current toiletry bag was a free gift with purchase situation. How awesome of a wife would I be to give him something that reminds him of how dapper he is everyday? (Answer: the awesomest.) 

7. Wren Sound V5AP AirPlay Speaker // $399
The Oho Family loves the tunes. Especially tunes that sound good and can play through bluetooth (technology is the BEST). 

8. Askov Finlayson Deep Navy Explorer Pant // $218 (25% off with the code EXPLORE25)
I am lucky enough to be surrounded by tastemakers galore in my amazing friend group (one day that will rub off on me, right?) so when my friend Kate told me that these pants would be perfect for that man of mine with the (great) bubble-butt, I know that she isn’t leading me astray.

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