An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys | 2012

I’m convinced that the guys in my life have banned together to outwit me from a gifting perspective. No sooner have I searched out the perfect gift for them do I get a picture text, Facebook update or Twitter mention that THEY JUST BOUGHT (insert gift I just bought) AND LOVE IT. They are already hard to shop for, have all they need and 9 times out of 10 will just go out and purchase what they want before I even know they want it so, this year, I am determined to get ahead of their game. DETERMINED.

Tomorrow is the Little Ones Oho Gift Guide and if there’s one thing I’m looking forward to about that, it’s that they can’t go out and buy it themselves before Auntie Melissa buys it for them.

For the Tech Lover : Fujifilm X100 | $1,199
I’ve heard this camera referred to as the Hipster Camera just for it’s retro feel but it is truly 100% modern with it’s 12.3 megapixels, hybrid viewfinder (wha?!) and crazy low-light shooting capabilities. This is exactly what my hard-to-shop-for dad would lose his mind over.

For the Kitchen Master : Leather Strap Cutting Boards | starting at $60

For the Whiskey Lover: Albert Bottle | $99.90
There are a few guys in my life who have named 2012 the year of the cocktail so what better gift could there be? Add in a rolling bar cart and I think I may win their affection for life.

For the Sartorialist : Greenwich Vintage Repurposed Wingtips | $245
These wingtips have been high on my gifting list ever since Greenwich Vintage showed up on my radar earlier this year. I can’t get over the quirky colored soles and the stunning worn-in look of the leather on the wingtips (especially the repurposed vintage pairs!); add in the fact that it’s a Minnesota company and I’m just head-over heels.

For the Tardy Guy : Tokyo Bat Agent Watch | $175
My Oho has been in the market for a nice, substantial but everyday kind-of watch for a while now and Martin Patrick 3 (hands down my favorite local men’s shoppe) has a great curated collection of watches that are a perfect match for my guy with his preppy-meets-casual-guy style and won’t break the bank like that vintage Rolex Carrie gave Big. (Just saying.)

For the 9-to-5 Guy: Pierrepont Hicks The Cutty | $82
Matt says that high quality ties just tie better and while I know nothing about that, he says his Pierrepont Hicks ties are some of his favorites (and trust me, the man is picky about his neckwear).

For the Entrepreneur : Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker | $229.95
You guys. If I could buy one thing for everyone on my list, this would be it. If not for purely selfish reasons (like I won’t have to pack mine up to bring along when I travel home for the holidays) then for the reason that I, now, can make a better latte at home than my favorite Starbucks barista. WINNING.

For the iPhone Lover : Wool Gloves with TouchTec Palm Patch | $68
Thank goodness for this invention because removing a glove just to text when it’s -10 outside is just pure stupidity.

For the Lovable Nerd : Paul Smith Michael Caine Glasses Cufflinks | $145
Considering the fact that we have Batman art in our living room, I think it’s safe to say I am married to the most lovable nerd out there and these Michael Caine Glasses cufflinks are just plain perfect (especially considering they look almost identical to HIS glasses too).

For the Tastemaker : rib & hull Macbook Sleeve | $78
Introduced to this brand by one of my favorite lady tastemakers, I’ve been a fan ever since. It’s the perfect “I didn’t even know this was missing from my life until now…” gift for the tastemaker in your life.

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  1. clearly not a dude but i basically want everything on this list too!

    and, i was just sitting here drinking my lame starbucks burnt cappucino and wishing i’d made one myself with our nespresso! it seriously is the best thing ever. have you tried the reusable pods yet? we keep meaning to try them with the dogwood espresso but haven’t.. yet!