An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies | 2012

I’m the first to admit that I don’t have the best gift-giving track record. It’s not the quality of the gift that is in question (let’s not mention that one year I bought everyone’s gift from mall kiosks in a Christmas Eve panic, mmmmk?), it’s my crazy-late-but-it’s-the-thought-that-counts timing. Christmas gifts in January. Birthday gifts a month (or three) tardy. So, it might come as a shock that for maybe the first year EVER, I am (semi) on-top of my Christmas shopping, gift list making and am currently filled to the brim with Holiday Cheer (and peppermint lattes). And while that might not be the world’s biggest accomplishment, for this Oho, it’s considerable improvement on years past.

The fact that I do my best gift-giving under the pressure of time is a major (major) plus for you, my amazing friends. Add to it the fact that every single one of these items can be purchased from the pajama-clad comfort of your couch? You can just call me Santa.

Ho, ho, ho.

(PS, tomorrow we address those hard-to-shop-for guys in your life and if yours is anything like mine? You won’t want to miss it.)

For the Activist : Stubbs & Wootton “Undecided” Smoking Slippers | $400
It’s no secret that we just came off a very charged political season and while the peacemaker in me wants to put the whole thing in the past and move on with life, the activist in me loveloveloved how passionately opinionated it made my friends and these smoking slippers would be the perfect piece to keep the conversation going.

For the One with the Dog : Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor | $329.99 (on Cyber Monday Special for $247.49!)
I realize the potential flack I am opening myself up to by putting a vacuum on the gift guide but it’s a Dyson. And it’s cordless. Enough said.

For the Music Scene(r) : We Are Frends Layla Rose Gold | $149
So. Much. Better. Than. Earbuds.

For the Girl who is a GIRL : Mrs. P. Hicks x J.W. Hulme Bag | $590
Two Twin Cities darlings joined forces to put their signature style on one of my favorite accessories? Done. And pretty sure no one else in your book club will have it.

For the Hostess : Batik Fork & Spatula Serving Set | $32
Perfect for that friend who is the Hostess with the Mostest. Also, pretty sure these bad boys will get you invited to more dinner parties.

For the Chef : The Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook | $14.99
This is the cookbook to end all cookbooks. The photography alone will make the most inexperienced cook want to dive in head-first and that only means good things for you. Until you have to clean up after them. And then…sorry.

For the Fashion Girl : Giltwork Pin-Fringe Clutch | $78 
The perfect (and I mean perfect) addition to any holiday wardrobe; this clutch screams New Years Eve in the best way possible.

For the Oho : Carriage House Earmuffs | $61 (on sale!)
Blatant gratuitous personal use of the Gift Guide. I am not ashamed.

For the Cold One : Faribault Revival Stripe Throw | $149.50
When you live in Minnesota and spend 8 months of the year in wool socks, a quality blanket is a necessity and few places do blankets better than Faribault Woolen Mill (and yay, they are a Minnesota company!). Besides. It’s pretty.

For the (soon-to-be) Fiancée : Oli + Me The Lace Ring | $1,285
Admittedly, this isn’t the gift for every girl and certainly has the price-tag of a Special Occasion type of gift but I couldn’t make a 2012 gift guide without this beauty on the list. Holy. Moly. Gorgeous. (And make sure to check out the rest of the Oli + Me Rings. That Whisper Ring is a stunner too.)

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  1. ok i really want to know what you got from mall kiosks! too funny.

    love this list! and, great minds! i have a few of these items on my lists that will be up later this week! and have posted about that lace ring before too. i dream of it. matt would legitimately murder me if i told him i wanted another ring, though, since my wedding band is less than a year old, but i really really really want this one!