An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies | 2013

Not to get all Santa Claus on you but the fact that today is December 2nd means that there are only 22 more shopping days left until Jolly Old Saint Nick shimmies down the world’s chimney. And, as if today declared itself Christmas, there’s a gentle snowfall accumulating outside, the dog is curled up at my feet, the tree is stunningly lit and there’s an evergreen candle burning in the next room. In case you missed the memo, it’s Christmastime like WOAH in the Oho House.

So no better day than today to start the annual Holiday Gift Guides, right?


holiday gift guide_2013ladies

1. Poketo Miniature Senegalese Baskets // $18
Not going to lie, I’ve had my eyes on the full-size versions of these for basically all of 2013 and these mini versions would just be perfect to keep my littlest of treasures safe. 

2. Revolution Design Planter Walnut & Bone White // $58
2013 has been the year of the plant and call me a believer because my house is filled to the brim with little green air-cleaning beauties that somehow have managed to live (no thanks to me). I’ve found that one of the great joys of plants is often the container it is planted in and these mid-century modern planters are no exception. Bring me all the succulents! 

3. shopHDB Guest Towels // $34
Right now our Guest Room is my Office (so, aka, non-existent) but one day, when we have a dedicated Guest Room, I will endeavor to spoil our guests while they visit…starting with these beautiful little hand towels. 

4. Giles & Brother Skinny Spike Bracelet // $55
I am very, very late to this fashion game but this bracelet is firmly on my Wish List. The fact that it can be (complementarily) customized is the cherry on the proverbial bracelet. 

5. Emerson Fry Navy Silk Kimono // $495
I mean. Let’s just say that if I owned this amazingness, I would have no reason to ever wear pants. Ever.

6. Honeydew Intimates x Madewell Lace Bralette // $32
This plus that kimono? Seriously. No pants. 

7. Clare Vivier Personalized Herringbone Duffel Bag // $485
True confessions. Back in my cheerleading days, one of my most treasured possessions was my cheer duffel that had my name embroidered on the side. Not since those days has a duffel bag caught my eye but leave it to Clare Vivier to do the trick. 

8. Turkish Slippers // $45
So ugly they end up being brilliantly beautiful. 

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