An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Littles | 2012


No one ever tells you that when your closest friends have babies that you become obsessed with their children. You want to buy them little $84 sweaters that they will grow out of in 2 months. You start counting ages in months. YOU CUDDLE WITH THEM (and when they are long distance, you wish you could…daily). You buy them little ABC flash cards even though they haven’t hit the age of 2 because you know they are that smart. You change diapers, break food up into little pieces for them to munch on and print photos of them to display in your office. In short? Totally obsessed.

I don’t know who I am anymore but I’m pretty sure my name is Auntie Melissa.

For the Little Monster : Oeuf® Baby Monster Sweater | $84
I was already in love with Oeuf’s quirky & adorable pieces but this monster sweater is so incredibly perfect for that little troublemaker on your list.

For the Mini Artist : Gingiber Chalkboard Silhouette | $40
Picture this, you are trying on clothes and your 6 year old has exhausted her favorite iPhone apps and demands to leave right this minute. Pull this perfectly-sized chalkboard out of your purse and let her practice her artist skills to her hearts content. Warning, you may have to paint a chalkboard wall in your house to keep up with artistic demands. (Also available in a boy silhouette!)

For the Animal Lover : Maileg Bambi | $38
Stuffed Animals are my fallback baby gift of choice. The more adorable the better.

For the Newborn : Lamb Baby Mobile | $80
You know those baby items you are tempted to purchase because one day you will have a baby and you need this? Yep.

For the Reader : Dwell Studio Bookshelf Bus | $124
I was a little reader when I was young and have a serious affection for children who show a propensity towards books. This little bookshelf bus is the perfect way to start & display their book collection (which may turn into a serious addiction to colorful books when they grow old).

For the Snuggler : Collection Baby Cashmere Blanket | $228
Start their love for cashmere early.

For the Silly One : Oh, Spit Bib | $14
One day, when we have children, I will not be above putting them in hilarious outfits just to have photos to embarrass them when they are older.

For the Sweetheart : Bear Cable Knit Tights | $9.95
A little one I photographed recently wore these adorable bear tights and her parents are lucky I photographed anything other than her little backside after I spotted them.

For the Dapper Little : noé & zoë Bow Tie | $40
From what I’ve been told, being a mom is all about functionality and with a piece that can be used as a bow tie, headband, belt or even tied on a bookbag? I just can’t imagine anything better.

For the Little You Love : I See Me Personalized Books | starting at $9.95
True story, I still have a personalized (and very, very pink) “On Location with Barbie!” book from my childhood and those random times when I spot it on my bookshelf and pull it down, it brings back such fun little memories of the Christmas I received it from my grandparents. I have to thank I See Me for reintroducing me to the world of personalized books because once I received a copy of one their gorgeous (seriously, gorgeous) My Very Merry Christmas book it immediately made me want to buy one for every little person in my life so one day they, too, can reminisce about their sweet little memories of youth.

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  1. such a cute post, auntie melissa;) i love all of your gift ideas! hope you had a great holiday season. xoxo…*h.