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Mostly Sunny with a Pale Blue Skies.

You had no idea you came to my blog for the weather report, did you?

The spring & summer weather the last couple years – even and especially during the weekends – has been the Minnesota version of the word “interesting”. Meaning: really, really irritatingly & constantly rain filled. Don’t get me wrong. I love rainy days; capital L-O-V-E rainy days. But rain on a wedding/engagement session/lifestyle session day isn’t everyone’s idea of perfection.

Enter Anna & Chas.

Two high-school sweethearts who seem to have the anti-rain dance down to a science. Both dates we were scheduled to shoot forecasted rain (or snow) and both dates ended up being the type of vastly sunny day that Minnesotans dream of and poems are written about. The type of days that make us forget that 6 months of the year we live in a frozen tundra. The type of days where anything and everything seems possible (even if that’s just a bottle of wine on a backyard patio).

Which brings us to today and my (obviously extremely accurate) novice weather forecast above.

Today is their wedding day. And guess what? Not an ounce of rain in the forecast for the daylight hours. Coincidence? I think not. Whatever voodoo magic these two have together, it clearly is Mother Nature approved.

Happy Wedding Day Anna & Chas! I’ll be watching those anti-rain dancing skills and taking notes, ok? Ok. Can’t wait.

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