Announcing WW + MaeMae!

When Marlen & I first started the Working Workshop, we both agreed that eventually we wanted to incorporate a list of truly remarkable guest speakers to our line-up to bolster the value & integrity of the work that we do and also to give our attendees a bit of a break from listening to our voices for 8 hours straight. (I mean, I’m fun to listen to but my novelty wears off after a while so really, this was a necessity.)

So, on that note, I’m excited to announce that as part of the Working Workshop 2 on March 20th, we will be hosting Megan Gonzalez of the ever chic & cool MaeMae Paperie! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her pop in for a while to share her expertise, perspective and some really incredible insights as part of the Workshop.

If you aren’t familiar with Megan and her marvelous work, get to it! Megan and I became fast friends over great food & great company shortly after her move to Minneapolis and not only can the lady create stationery that makes my heart swoon but she also takes branding to a whole different level with completely unique visuals & materials for her small business clients. Talk about a win. (If I’m being really honest, I’m pretty darn proud to call her friend. And infinity times infinity excited to hear her speak on my favorite topic.)

There are very limited spots remaining, so don’t hesitate to sign up to be a part of what is promising to be something special.

Megan, Marlen & I would truly love to have you. (PS, that photo below is what happens when you let a -cough-syrup- drugged up Melissa Oholendt have access to your bio photos and Photoshop. Sorry and you’re welcome. Megan & Marlen, just be happy I couldn’t find a great jpeg of a rainbow because, believe me, I searched.)


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