Asea & Bob | St. Croix Engagement Photography

It’s no secret I love happy, laughing people. In fact, I’m pretty certain it might be the way to my heart. Forget garden roses and Sour Patch Kids (or don’t, because those help), give me someone who’s natural preference is smiling or laughing and I’m quite sure we’re best friends already.

Enter Asea & Bob and what I like to reference “the most wonderful & light-hearted evening on the St. Croix, probably ever”. I adore these two for their love for each other, their beautiful and quick-to-laugh smiles and most of all, the way they Baywatch’d the heck out of a sandy beach and not only made me double-over in laughter but subsequently made me fall in love with them.

You can hear more about Bob & Asea’s really incredible story (Bob’s a real life hero!) on this Meredith Vieira Show clip where the fab Jennae from Blush & Whim surprises the couple with a fully planned wedding, including an engagement session from – heyo – me!

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