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Little known fact. When I first started this business almost eight years ago, I was dead-set against photographing families.

If I’m being honest, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. Between the pressure of getting that one photograph where everyone is smiling at the camera, the lack of control over the temperament or behavior of little ones who just want to be on the move and the high-intensity desire for perfection in making sure shirts were tucked in and hair was smoothed just right – it all just seemed too much, too out-of-control and too impossible.

And yeah, that sounds awful right?

But here’s the thing – it really doesn’t have to be that way.

This sweet family below is the epitome of what I have come to absolutely whole-heartedly love with a capital LOVE about photographing families. Giving you space to live, to cuddle, to do the things you would do on a perfect day. To capture those baby thigh rolls and those first few weeks of learning to walk and doing it in a way that is both charming and authentic to your family. To allow room for meltdowns but no room to stress about uncooperative moments or little ones who can’t stay still because, trust me, there are still unbelievably beautiful moments wrapped up in those trying times.

Those are the things I love and want for each family I photograph. And while I know that can’t always be the case, there is an immense amount of humility and honored joy when a family allows me to see who they really are behind the perfection and poses.

Balck Family, thank you for trusting me in this way.

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