Best Friends Forever | Minneapolis Lifestyle Session

The summer before Matt and I married was one of the most amazing summers of my life. I spent nearly every day with my best girl friends talking about love, God, our futures and everything in-between. We stayed out late, wore matching tank tops on the 4th of July (yep, that really happened), watched the sunrise in our pajamas, dominated an empty dance floor, and had our own grown-up version of elementary school Field Day. That summer will forever hold a special place in my heart because of the depth to which our friendships grew, but also it was the last full summer where we were all together, unmarried and completely carefree.

I am so grateful for the photos that were taken that summer. They remind me of how much we grew, loved and laughed. And now, 6.5 years later, though most of us have moved away, married the men of our dreams and grew into stunning, admirable, professional young women, through those images our fab little group of 5 will forever remain just the way I remember us. Fresh faced, innocent and ready to take on life together.

Earlier this year I donated a Lifestyle Session to the Launch Party for the Minnesota Zoo AZUL Program (who, if you have not heard, have been doing amazing things with young professionals passionate about animals & conservation – check them out!) and the best-door-prize-ever winner, the gorgeous and sweet Lauren, contacted me about the idea of doing a session with her best girl friends; all of whom have been friends into the double-digit years. Can you imagine how fast I said yes? YES!

Lauren, Nael, Sara & Beth. THANK YOU for showing me your friendship. Your love for each other reminds me so much of my love for my own besties and that is a gift. I hope these photos allow you to remember this past summer fondly and remind you to love each other more. xo

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  1. Such lovely ladies, what a fabulous group! :) Every group of friends should be so lucky as to have their friendship documented this way–love it.