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I was thinking the other day how vastly different my life would look had I not pursued photography.

I thought about the beauty that would likely be missing from my life. I thought about how my life would lack the freedom & joy that comes from doing something you love every single day, even when it’s hard. But, most of all, I thought about the friendships I may have missed out on. Those late night wine nights while watching the Bachelor that wouldn’t be the same without the ladies that I share it with. The lunches & coffees & “hey, can we talk?” moments where the world’s (photography) problems are solved might be gone altogether from my life. I would never have the opportunity to meet & invest in the couples that truly take my heart with them when their wedding is over. Those deep conversations about finding your passion and balance and an honest pursuit of the definition of success – those conversations that have challenged me in such an encouraging way – might never have happened. Without photography, I likely would have missed out on all of those people and truths that, quite frankly, have made me the person I am now.

The honest truth about “living the dream” is that sometimes being a business owner is hard and lonely but the alternative is to live a life without those people who make the hard things easier and the loneliness disappear. The idea of operating my daily life without the people I’ve met solely through this wonderfully adventurous & introspectively tumultuous career, who have made the everyday so vastly rich and wonderful, literally breaks my heart and is such a solid reminder of why – even when things are hard – they are still so, so good.

And as if I needed a reminder, this gorgeous family is part of the reason this magnificent adventure has been such an immense pleasure and worth every ounce of difficulty.

My dear, sweet Bollinger family. I love you so.

Also. Fall is my favorite. Bring back the sunshine, long grass & claw-handed tickles, please.

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  1. Oh Melissa this is beautiful-you bring me to tears! So perfectly stated and true! The photography world is that much better for having you a part of it!