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Dear sweet August,

You already have the biggest personality of a little person I’ve ever known. This should be no surprise to anyone since your parents are two of the most hilarious people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting but even you, little man, are already wearing the silly-pants in your family. I mean….let’s be honest, all of my conclusions, even after just a single morning spent with you, lead to your greatness as the next Andy Samberg; the charming, funny guy that can throw down lyrical gems & dance moves with Justin Timberlake and equally steal my heart with his solid acting chops in Celeste & Jesse Forever. Considering you stole my heart within the first 10 minutes of meeting you (and have re-stolen my heart about a hundred times since, thanks to your mama’s Instagram feed) this won’t be a stretch for you.

Can’t wait to say I knew you way back when. (And that I saw you in only a diaper. Mwahah.) xo

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  1. get outta town, these are treasures for sure!