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Today is one of those perfect winter days. I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee, snuggled under a blanket watching the snow gently fall with nothing but a full day to watch Christmas movies, bake cookies and reminisce over the 2016 wedding season (and grout tile but WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT OK? #fourmonthbathroomrenovation).

I don’t know a single person who is sad to bid adieu to 2016 as we begin again on January 1st but even as I’m already mentally preparing for 2017, there is a large part of my heart that already is incredibly nostalgic for those beautiful wedding days I was allowed to be a part of this year. So, now. With room to truly tell their stories well, I’m working to share the couples and days that gave me all the heart eyes in 2016. The days made this season one for the record books and one that I will treasure forever in the midst of a year that threw all the hard punches.

My 2016 season began in a seaside town with a couple that I adore more than words can express – Carrie & Aaron. A couple with one of the best “how we met” stories I’ve ever laid my ears on in these 8 years of photographing weddings. Two people who showed me their hearts, their silliness and their favorite works of art. A couple who crafted a wedding where I gasped when I first saw Carrie in her dress, cried during their ceremony when their best friends offered stories that epitomized why Carrie & Aaron were the perfect match for each other and a reception where everyone (including this photographer) cheered and sang as Carrie went full Beyonce on a microphone and nailed every note in a way that only she could.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Carrie & Aaron. I’ve been trying to type these words for weeks but the only way I can think of to adequately express how I feel about you both is to hug you while crying. Sexy. There was no place I would have rather been on February 20th than at your sides, capturing who you are as beautiful humans so thank you for allowing me to do that and to be in your lives and copy Carrie’s footwear choices (truth). I love you Frymans. Thanks for being such a large part of why 2016 was SO MUCH better than it should have been.

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It was a pleasure to work alongside the amazing Randall Productions for Carrie & Aaron’s wedding! You can see his beautiful video from the day here:

Aaron + Carrie’s Wedding | The Vinoy Renaissance | St. Petersburg, FL from Randall Productions on Vimeo.

Wedding Planner: Confetti Events
Videographer: Randall Productions
Ceremony & Reception Location: The Vinoy Renaissance, St. Petersburg
Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza from Bridal Reflections in NYC
Hair & Makeup: Femme Akoi
Bridesmaid Dresses: Sourced Individually
Floral Design: MMD Events
Paper: A&P Design
Officiant: Jared Abelian
Catering: The Vinoy Renaissance
Cake: The Vinoy Renaissance
Band: Soul Survivors

Special thanks to Elizabeth Moore for being my wonderful 2nd shooter (and best sister-in-law)!

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