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  1. Announcing WW + MaeMae!

    When Marlen & I first started the Working Workshop, we both agreed that eventually we wanted to incorporate a list of truly remarkable guest speakers to our line-up to bolster the value & integrity of the work that we do and also to give our attendees a bit of a break from listening to our voices for 8 hours straight. (I mean, I’m fun to listen to but my novelty wears off after a while so really, this was a … Read More

  2. Working Workshop // Two (+ Scholarship)

    Historically Awesome Sequels: Terminator 2 Toy Story 2 The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Working Workshop 2 Oooook. So, maybe that last one should fall under a to be determined category because guess what? We’re doing it again. Date: Thursday, March 20th Time: 9am to 5pm Cost: $300 And this time? We’re adding a super secret (to be announced) guest speaker who I’d pay to hear speak. So you know I’m pretty pumped about the whole thing. One more thing. (And this is … Read More

  3. Working Workshop // The First Class

    I’m beginning to understand what giving birth feels like. Maybe minus the excruciating pain, bodily fluids and 18-year (minimum) responsibility commitment; but a birth mentality, none the less. You think, grow and prepare (to the nth degree) on this baby (workshop) for months – enough so that it takes up the majority of your brain space, emotions & eventually the whole of your heart – and then, after all your preparation, plans and schedules, it happens. The birth. The painful, amazing, at … Read More

  4. The Working Workshop | November 8th, 2013

    As of 1:50pm yesterday, the Workshop I will be co-hosting with Marlen Boro on November 8th is at 50% capacity. And for a girl who was pretty sure she was going to need to ask 16 strangers to come sit in a beautiful room (and eat the food we paid for) while I cried sad, bitter tears – this is just…pretty unbelievable. If you have not yet heard me shouting this announcement from the rooftops of Minneapolis, let me introduce … Read More

  5. The New & Improved Oho.

    I remember the day the whimsical, girly, calligraphy version of the Melissa Oholendt brand debuted was a day filled with happiness and the relief that only the culmination of 12-months of hard work, introspection and education can provide. And by Day Two? I was already thinking up ways to improve, refine and upgrade this Melissa Oholendt brand into something better. (Matt Oholendt is shaking his head at me somewhere.) But that is the fantastic thing about branding; it’s always evolving and … Read More

  6. Q&A with an Oho : Branding & Client Experience, part two

    I am having a hard time attracting the type of clients I want to serve in my business. How do you find clients you love and who love you? If you missed Part One last week, I talked a lot about branding and why I branded the way I did. But this second half is about that unique client experience that only you can provide because I believe it is arguably the most important thing you can do for your … Read More

  7. Q&A with an Oho : Branding & Client Experience, part one

    I don’t think anyone knew how hard it was for me to hit publish on the first Q&A with an Oho. I sat at my desk and debated scrubbing the whole thing and pulling out bits and pieces for another (less opinionated) blogpost. Out of nowhere, my iPhone chimed with a text from a dear friend I hadn’t talked with in months. “I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for building a business that is so … Read More