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  1. Beckie & Jacy | Lake Harriet Engagement Photography

    Beckie & Jacy. It’s the week of your wedding. In exactly 6 days, you will wake up with some of the newest, best, most wonderful titles that life has to offer. Man & Wife. More likely than not, you’ll lay in that fluffy hotel bed, basking in the afterglow of one truly amazing day with your nearest & dearest. You’ll laugh about that time, during the dance, when your moms did the Wobble together and reminisce about what you felt before your … Read More

  2. Samantha & Toshiya | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    Listen. I’m not a music snob. Just one look at my “This is My Jam” iTunes playlist (no, that’s not a joke – that’s what it’s really called) and you’ll see equal parts Justin Timberlake, Yo-Yo Ma, T-Swift and Birds of Tokyo. I love it all equally (save for JT, I love JT like nobody even knows; like I can’t even explain) but I love it in the way you love something that you can’t live without. Does that make … Read More

  3. Life in the In-Between

    Last week marked nine (really, truly incredible) years of marriage for Matt Oholendt and myself. Photo 2: Ryan Cummings, Photo 4: Gina Zeidler I don’t say that “really, truly incredible” thing lightly. Our marriage hasn’t been without it’s struggles or it’s weeks of disconnectedness or months (at times, years) of life being just being plain hard to handle. By the grace of God, those real life periods haven’t defined our marriage or made it weaker but, almost certainly, made it infinitely stronger. As … Read More

  4. Katie & Mike | Wayzata Engagement Photography

    Truth time. Melissa Oholendt Photography actually has a line item in the yearly budget for stationery. That’s right, folks. I am an avid consumer of good old fashioned paper goods and darn proud of it. My past brides can tell you how I fawn over their invitations and wedding paper because if I’m being honest? As a general rule, it’s one of my favorite wedding details. So when a pretty white envelope landed on my doorstep (mailbox) last week with Katie … Read More

  5. Krista & Mike | Linden Hills Engagement Photography

    This was the Engagement Session when everything seemed to come full-circle; the Engagement Session that made me realize that nearly every person I hold dearest in life has been in front of my camera at one point or another. But that is what this working-for-yourself thing is all about, right? Sharing in the life and big moments that my friends experience in the best way I know how? Giving back to the people who spent (and still spend) countless hours … Read More

  6. Amber & Seth | Minnetonka Engagement Photography

    Oh, you guys. Funny story. And by funny, I mean funny in a horrifically-terrible way. I like to think that I am un-embarassable. (This is not a challenge, little brother.) I can count on one hand the number of moments in life that I wish I could rewind, erase and start over from the very beginning. Which just basically means that I have zero shame because for the amount of times I manage to give jazz hands in any conversation should … Read More

  7. Erin & Brian | Eden Prairie Engagement Photography

    Ok, follow me, I’m going to say this fast… I considered the world small when I found out that Erin & Brian both attended Law School with my husband. Now Brian & Matt never knew each other but Brian was friends with one of the Oho Family’s best friends (who also happens to be Gunnar’s – YES, MY DOG – auntie-slash-dog-sitter-slash-BFF). Turns out that Brian also played lacrosse in college with one of my ex-coworker-turned-friend which means Brian was already … Read More

  8. Stephanie & Jon | Bloomington Engagement Photography

    OH MY GOSH, REMEMBER WHEN THE GRASS WAS GREEN AND THE SUN WAS WARM AND MY HAYFEVER LASTED ALL YEAR LONG? Dear Steph & Jon. I love you both for so many reasons but THE BIGGEST AND BEST REASON (right now) is that your crazy fun engagement session reminded me of the amazing September day in 2012 where we laughed for hours and hours. Can’t wait for the September day in 2013 when we celebrate you guys (and laugh for … Read More

  9. Lizzie & Matt | Ocean City, NJ Engagement Photography

    For those of you without younger siblings, let me explain to you what happens when your little (and only) brother / best friend / arch nemesis tells you he bought a diamond ring for his dream girl. -You cry. -You laugh. -You ask if he’s sure (not because you aren’t, but big sisters are supposed to make sure). -You are tempted to text his soon-to-be fiancee to tell her. -You decide you don’t want to get dead-armed by your brother … Read More

  10. Inspiration Monday : Vol. 5

    Let’s talk about Engagement Sessions. I’m not talking about how they build trust between you and your photographer (they do). I’m not referring to how they are super fun and super low stress (they are). And I’m not even here to tell you how much I love photographing them (because I do, I so do). I’m talking about the biggest (literally, the most caps ever) question I receive from my clients, WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO AN ENGAGEMENT SESSION. SERIOUSLY. … Read More