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  1. Lizzie & Matt | Ocean City, NJ Engagement Photography

    For those of you without younger siblings, let me explain to you what happens when your little (and only) brother / best friend / arch nemesis tells you he bought a diamond ring for his dream girl. -You cry. -You laugh. -You ask if he’s sure (not because you aren’t, but big sisters are supposed to make sure). -You are tempted to text his soon-to-be fiancee to tell her. -You decide you don’t want to get dead-armed by your brother … Read More

  2. Inspiration Monday : Vol. 5

    Let’s talk about Engagement Sessions. I’m not talking about how they build trust between you and your photographer (they do). I’m not referring to how they are super fun and super low stress (they are). And I’m not even here to tell you how much I love photographing them (because I do, I so do). I’m talking about the biggest (literally, the most caps ever) question I receive from my clients, WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO AN ENGAGEMENT SESSION. SERIOUSLY. … Read More

  3. Emily & Tom | Hayward, Wisconsin Engagement Photography

    Six years of living in Minnesota and before my weekend in Hayward, I had experienced cabin life a total of one other time. Let me repeat, ONE TIME. (I can hear my Minnesota friends gasping from here.) So, when Emily & Tom invited us to join them at Tom’s family’s cabin in Wisconsin, I pretty much fell all over myself saying yes. (And then Googled, “what do you wear to a cabin?” but that is a completely different story.) Little … Read More

  4. Jenna & Brad | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    We have this tradition. Almost every Sunday evening you will find us at the exact same address, sitting at the exact same dining table, with (nearly) the exact same people, sharing a (mouthwatering) meal (so clearly I had nothing to do with it) with our not-blood-but-hey-we’re-still-family Minneapolis family. We often joke about the fact that if a third-party read a transcript of our dinner conversations, they would question if we even liked each other let alone were close enough to share dinner together … Read More

  5. Kelly & Pat | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    You know when you first meet a client and it’s like that scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Annie travels to Seattle and first sees Sam & Jonah on the beach? It’s clear that she makes this giant realization as she watches them together; without anyone telling her, she just knows that this is the man she wrote the impulsive meet-me-at-the-top-of-the-Empire-State-Building letter to and more importantly, the person who’s life she wants to be a part of. THAT is how … Read More

  6. Maya & Derek | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    Confession time. I LOVE SNOW. We’re talking true, consistent, heartfelt love and deep adoration for those fluffy flakes that fall from the heaven. Give me falling snow, a fireplace and a glass of wine and you are looking at my ideal evening. So imagine my heartbreak this past winter as we faced record low snow accumulations and mild temps. Not. A. Happy. Camper. In talking with Maya & Derek about their engagement session, we had planned on a gorgeous winter … Read More

  7. Ali & Matt | Maple Grove Engagement Photography

    Is there any better time of year to be in love than fall? I mean really. Sweater-clad walking hand-in-hand, with the sound of leaves crunching under your feet and home to a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace? And maybe I am describing every Nora Ephron movie ever made but there is a good reason the majority of romantic comedies have a portion of the film in the fall season. I’m just going to say it; second … Read More

  8. Jessica & Dana | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    I am so lucky. And before you think that this is just another photographer raving about how amazing and perfect and wonderful her clients are, just you wait. Ok fine. Yes, I totally am that photographer who loves to rave about my clients (because, duh, they are the best) but I am also a girl who just generally is in love with love; all kinds of love but specifically for Jessica & Dana, it’s the kind of inspiring love that makes a … Read More

  9. Christine & Luke | Eagan Engagement Photography

    Hey Christine & Luke. Remember that time I convinced you guys and myself that there was a beach and it was literally just around the bend? Oh wait, maybe the next bend. Ummmm, next one? Wait, are those houses? Crap. I love you both, if not just for the fact that you let me drag you almost all the way around the lake with promises of a beach, but also because you are two of the kindest and most loving … Read More

  10. Lauren & Matt | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    The minute I got in my car after our initial meeting, I called my husband spent 15 minutes gushing about this amazing couple I had just met with and concluded with the statement, “if they don’t book with me, I will actually cry.” I admit, it was a strong statement after spending just 2 hours with them but there is just something special about Lauren & Matt. Whether it’s Lauren’s ability to make a first introduction feel like you may … Read More