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  1. Alyssa & Matt | Eden Prairie & Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    Here’s the thing about Alyssa & Matt; they make you feel as if you have known them your whole life and that the first time is the hundredth time. Really, it’s dangerous because 10 minutes with them and all of the sudden I heard myself say, “I really shouldn’t tell you this because you’ll think I’m insane…” as my brain is basically shouting, “STOP IT.” But then she laughs and it’s a genuine, whole body laugh that puts you instantly … Read More

  2. Sarah & David | Birmingham, Alabama Engagement Photography

    There’s just something about photographing my family that makes my heart happy. Love you guys. To view Sarah & David’s gorgeous Birmingham wedding, click here.

  3. Katie & Patric | Champlin & Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    She jokes that she robbed the cradle but if you saw the protective way he takes care of her, you would never know there was an age difference at all. At the beginning of their session, we encountered a little (lot of) mud and the way Patric kept a careful hand on the small of Katie’s back gave me this beautiful glimpse into their relationship. Their love is sweet and gentle and 100% all about them. They get lost in their … Read More

  4. Emma & Brian | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    Their story has a “Choose Your Own Adventure” twist to it. Move to Japan for a year or go straight into law school. Fall in love with Brian or Japan (she chose both, for the record). Every time they choose love and adventure, in that order. And you can’t argue with that logic because look at where it’s gotten them. Deeply in love with a knack for making everything around them more fun just by association. Emma & Brian, there … Read More

  5. Anna & Chad | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    Together they love dogs, wine, good food and Modern Family. They make the other laugh outloud, love each other deeply and play kickball as a couple. You love them already, right? I KNOW IT. Me too. It was the first sunny weekend since the trees had turned green and I honestly could not have hand-picked a more wonderful way to spend it. Anna & Chad, there really is something special in the way you two look at each other and … Read More

  6. Kim & Nate | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

    It is a classic boy meets girl story with a modern twist. Witty banter and killer dance moves replaced batting eyelashes and hair tossing and a destiny-born Minneapolis pub crawl replaced the meet-cute at a park bench over matching sweaters but the notion was just as romantic. Boy meets girl and it’s love at first sight. And the rest? The rest is happily ever after. To my dearest Kim & Nate. I just know everyone is falling a little bit in … Read More