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  1. Oho Business Talk | No. 3

    If you’ve spent any time on my instagram (and if you haven’t, why not?), you know that my studio space is one of my favorite spots in the Twin Cities. Not only do I share it with people I love, but it’s also just a really beautiful space to work from. My (not so) super secret confession? In the 16 months I’ve had a signed lease, outside of meetings with clients, I’ve spent maybe a handful of days actually working there. … Read More

  2. Oho Business Talk | No. 2

    Guys. I’m having a pretty magical moment right now. The world is a snow globe outside, the candles are lit, my favorite instrumental Spotify playlist is softly playing and the dogs are curled up beside me looking extra snuggleable. I may have spilled coffee all over myself and my favorite chair this morning but, gosh darn it, this Monday turned itself right around with this magic moment. And since it’s a Monday, there really is no better day to talk about … Read More

  3. Oho Business Talk | No. 1

    Happy Slow Season, friends! With 2018 being my tenth (YOU GUYS) wedding season in business, I’ve learned a thing or two about myself as a business owner and while I know others may thrive in the “busy”, I know that – for me – rest & renewal is necessary to being my best self when the next wedding season rolls around. As much as I love (and I do truly love) wedding season and the constant state of work, hustle … Read More

  4. What to do when Monday wins.

    Ooof. You guys. It’s not even 10am on this Monday morning and already I’ve had that morning. You know the one. The one where you feel it the minute your feet hit the bedroom floor. The one where the dog mystery pukes all over the carpet exactly 30 seconds later. The one where you run out of soy milk for your coffee. The one where you can’t clear your email inbox before it starts to fill again. That kind of morning. … Read More

  5. Melissa Oholendt x LAB MPLS

    I’ll never forget that day. Back before Melissa Oholendt Photography was a thing, back when Melissa Oholendt had just barely become a thing (we were still newlyweds). The day, almost 9 years ago, when I sat on my bed, took out my sweet little point-and-shoot’s manual and started playing. Back then, aperture, shutter speed and ISO felt like catchy little buzz words. Words I barely could say (ap-pre-ture? a-per-ture? a-peh-tre?), let alone figure out how they all worked together. Enter the photography … Read More

  6. #theCOMN

    Last April, Melissa Oholendt Photography found a new home with 5 additional creatives and friends at The COMN (pronounced, The Common). After years of working in our pjs, and watching our social skills casually slip down the drain, we decided to do something about it and for us? That meant creating a co-working space where we could come, work efficiently, meet clients and have easy access to all the happy hours our businesses (and bar cart) could handle. And do all of those … Read More

  7. Life in the In-Between

    Last week marked nine (really, truly incredible) years of marriage for Matt Oholendt and myself. Photo 2: Ryan Cummings, Photo 4: Gina Zeidler I don’t say that “really, truly incredible” thing lightly. Our marriage hasn’t been without it’s struggles or it’s weeks of disconnectedness or months (at times, years) of life being just being plain hard to handle. By the grace of God, those real life periods haven’t defined our marriage or made it weaker but, almost certainly, made it infinitely stronger. As … Read More

  8. Announcing WW + MaeMae!

    When Marlen & I first started the Working Workshop, we both agreed that eventually we wanted to incorporate a list of truly remarkable guest speakers to our line-up to bolster the value & integrity of the work that we do and also to give our attendees a bit of a break from listening to our voices for 8 hours straight. (I mean, I’m fun to listen to but my novelty wears off after a while so really, this was a … Read More

  9. Working Workshop // Two (+ Scholarship)

    Historically Awesome Sequels: Terminator 2 Toy Story 2 The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Working Workshop 2 Oooook. So, maybe that last one should fall under a to be determined category because guess what? We’re doing it again. Date: Thursday, March 20th Time: 9am to 5pm Cost: $300 And this time? We’re adding a super secret (to be announced) guest speaker who I’d pay to hear speak. So you know I’m pretty pumped about the whole thing. One more thing. (And this is … Read More

  10. Working Workshop // The First Class

    I’m beginning to understand what giving birth feels like. Maybe minus the excruciating pain, bodily fluids and 18-year (minimum) responsibility commitment; but a birth mentality, none the less. You think, grow and prepare (to the nth degree) on this baby (workshop) for months – enough so that it takes up the majority of your brain space, emotions & eventually the whole of your heart – and then, after all your preparation, plans and schedules, it happens. The birth. The painful, amazing, at … Read More