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  1. Q&A with an Oho : Clearing the Clutter

    A. Truth time. I’ve put off answering this question for a while. In part because I’m not sure there’s one-stop-shop answer for everyone but also because I don’t know how to answer this question without seeming like a great big failure at life. But, just a couple days ago, I had a wonderfully open and honest conversation about this very thing with a friend and what I’m realizing is that this is a thing. A big thing. In our industry, in social … Read More

  2. Twenty-Thirteen

    HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! (Ok, ok. Happy nearly-middle-of January. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.) I’ve been eagerly anticipating the start of this year for many, many reasons; one of the major reasons is that 2013 is the year I leave my 20’s. I joke that you may find me in the fetal position in a corner somewhere as my birthday gets closer and while I’m mildly serious, I also feel a great excitement towards that number. (Which is weird … Read More

  3. Q&A with an Oho : Inspiration

    A. It’s starting to be that time of year, isn’t it? Photographers are spending hours upon hours in our PJ’s behind our computers, only putting on mascara for weddings, client meetings and the occasional family dinner. (Oh, that’s just me then?) We’re spending days in our offices without speaking to another human being, only coming out for coffee refills and Sour Patch Kids. (Again? Just me?) And every week is spent shooting, editing, burning, delivering and then doing it all … Read More

  4. Q&A with an Oho : Quitting the Day Job

    A. Hand over my heart, swear on the Bible answer? I knew I couldn’t continue living life as I had been living it while working a full-time corporate position, trying to be some semblance of a Godly wife, and spending any and all of my spare time (and hours I never knew actually existed) serving my clients and running a business. I wasn’t giving 100% to any single area of my life and there was no pretending that I was … Read More

  5. Making (Big) Things Happen

    The day I first attended a Making Things Happen Intensive was very literally the day my life changed. I’ve been cryptic about my experience up until late and, it’s true, I can admit that I am the queen of exaggeration (see?) but please believe me when I say this needs no inflation because it is 100% true. To be truthful, I wasn’t even sure if Making Things Happen was the right thing for me. In late 2009 / early 2010, … Read More

  6. Q&A with an Oho : Branding & Client Experience, part two

    I am having a hard time attracting the type of clients I want to serve in my business. How do you find clients you love and who love you? If you missed Part One last week, I talked a lot about branding and why I branded the way I did. But this second half is about that unique client experience that only you can provide because I believe it is arguably the most important thing you can do for your … Read More

  7. Q&A with an Oho : Branding & Client Experience, part one

    I don’t think anyone knew how hard it was for me to hit publish on the first Q&A with an Oho. I sat at my desk and debated scrubbing the whole thing and pulling out bits and pieces for another (less opinionated) blogpost. Out of nowhere, my iPhone chimed with a text from a dear friend I hadn’t talked with in months. “I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for building a business that is so … Read More

  8. Q&A with an Oho

    Oh, photographer friends. This has been a post I’ve been resisting for a while now because… I don’t actually know everything. (Gasphorrorshock, right? No? Weird.) I spent the first 6 months of my photography career pretending I was the photographer who had everything in control – always – and had everything and everyone that ever lived figured out and it was exhausting and certainly not who I am or who I want to be. Over the years I’ve fought really hard to … Read More

  9. Things I Love: Inspired

    Almost a month ago, I posted the above tweet and received a flood of questions in return asking what exactly inspires me. While I’d love to think this is the husband doing a little bit of covert Christmas gift planning, I came to realize that this was a hot topic. The idea of surrounding yourself by things you love and things that inspire turned out to be something that everyone wants to accomplish – whether they are in a creative industry, work … Read More