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  1. Best Friends Forever | Minneapolis Lifestyle Session

    The summer before Matt and I married was one of the most amazing summers of my life. I spent nearly every day with my best girl friends talking about love, God, our futures and everything in-between. We stayed out late, wore matching tank tops on the 4th of July (yep, that really happened), watched the sunrise in our pajamas, dominated an empty dance floor, and had our own grown-up version of elementary school Field Day. That summer will forever hold … Read More

  2. Paying it Forward

    I wasn’t going to stop for lunch; I was going to head straight home and whip up a quick lunch and get back to editing but as if I had been forced by a tractor beam, I found msyelf pulling into the Chipotle parking lot. (That is my story and I’m sticking to it.) On my way into the restaurant I heard a soft-spoken, “Excuse me Miss.” I looked up from my iPhone and saw a man around my age, … Read More

  3. Things I Love (times infinity): You

    I really have no words left to say but THANK YOU. Sincerely and with all of my heart, THANK YOU. Through your retweets, reposts, comments and re-blogs of the original post, your love for the animals of Japan blew my mind. I spent last night re-reading through the 130 comments and was so overcome with emotion and love for this community of people that I had to stop reading and find that dog of mine for a cuddle session. Thank you … Read More

  4. A Girl and her Dog.

    I’m asking you for your help. Actually, I take that back; I need your help on this one. I can’t do it alone. Read on. photo credit: (the fabulous) Lucky Mutt Photography I am (quite certainly) the definition of the crazy dog person that you shake your head at. The person who loves her dog as much as a human baby (I can say this because I don’t have a human baby.); I’m also the person who thinks kissing her dog, … Read More