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  1. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Furry Friends | 2013

    It no secret that Gunnar is a snuggly dog. We’re not sure if it’s that he gets cold easily (middle of the night burrowing into the warm space between Matt and I is the dead give-away on that one) or if it’s that my efforts to teach him how to cuddle (aka, force cuddling) when he was a puppy FINALLY PAID OFF (there’s got to be truth to that). What you may not know – and what Matt Oholendt will … Read More

  2. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Babes | 2013

    Holy moly, you guys, IT IS THE YEAR OF THE BABY. On one hand, I have never in my life heard more words (lactation) and stories (particularly those that involved a BIRTH) that give me the whole body shudders and on the other, I’ve never been as seduced by the scent of a newborn as I have in the last few months. I’ve also experienced envy at the hands of a hasn’t-been-born-yet newborn’s clothing options (I blame Zara Baby for … Read More

  3. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Gents | 2013

    My husband is a gift whisperer. You know, that person who always, and consistently, comes up with the perfect gift for each special person in their life? Yeah, that’s him. What the poor guy didn’t know (about me) was that I’m basically the exact opposite and am always and consistently a bad gift gifter (and now everyone knows that every great gift they’ve ever received from the Ohos has been at the hands of Matt Oholendt, WHATEVER, OK?). But what … Read More

  4. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies | 2013

    Not to get all Santa Claus on you but the fact that today is December 2nd means that there are only 22 more shopping days left until Jolly Old Saint Nick shimmies down the world’s chimney. And, as if today declared itself Christmas, there’s a gentle snowfall accumulating outside, the dog is curled up at my feet, the tree is stunningly lit and there’s an evergreen candle burning in the next room. In case you missed the memo, it’s Christmastime like … Read More

  5. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Furball | 2012

    You guys. I have a high-maintenance dog. I do. He prefers soft (and expensive) baby toys to durable (and slightly less expensive) dog toys and requires that all meals be served to him on our bed (ok, not really but it feels like it). It also might be possible that he takes after his dog mom and is a lover of nice things (or his dog mom is a sucker that buys him nice things, let’s not think in detail … Read More

  6. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Littles | 2012

    OH BABY. No one ever tells you that when your closest friends have babies that you become obsessed with their children. You want to buy them little $84 sweaters that they will grow out of in 2 months. You start counting ages in months. YOU CUDDLE WITH THEM (and when they are long distance, you wish you could…daily). You buy them little ABC flash cards even though they haven’t hit the age of 2 because you know they are that … Read More

  7. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys | 2012

    I’m convinced that the guys in my life have banned together to outwit me from a gifting perspective. No sooner have I searched out the perfect gift for them do I get a picture text, Facebook update or Twitter mention that THEY JUST BOUGHT (insert gift I just bought) AND LOVE IT. They are already hard to shop for, have all they need and 9 times out of 10 will just go out and purchase what they want before I … Read More

  8. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies | 2012

    I’m the first to admit that I don’t have the best gift-giving track record. It’s not the quality of the gift that is in question (let’s not mention that one year I bought everyone’s gift from mall kiosks in a Christmas Eve panic, mmmmk?), it’s my crazy-late-but-it’s-the-thought-that-counts timing. Christmas gifts in January. Birthday gifts a month (or three) tardy. So, it might come as a shock that for maybe the first year EVER, I am (semi) on-top of my Christmas … Read More

  9. Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide | 2011

    Well, we’ve come to the end of the Gift Guides and today is all about my favorite kind of gift. Stocking Stuffers. Petite, easy to wrap (in a stocking) and at the perfect price point, stocking stuffers are the perfect gift for your neighbor, the mailman and your favorite barista at Starbucks; not to mention those stockings hung by the fire. And if you can’t get enough of gifting guides, Anthology Magazine recently released their Winter Gift Gift and it is fantastic. 1. Kate … Read More

  10. Holiday Gift Guide for the Family Member of the Animal Kind | 2011

    Boomer in Independence Day. Buck-Beak in Harry Potter, Prisoner of Azkaban. Dug in Up. Any of the horses in Hidalgo but especially Hidalgo himself. There’s a joke (a no-but-really-we’re-not-kidding joke) amongst my friends and family that – in movies and yes, admittedly in real life too – that I tend to be far more concerned about the well-being of an animal versus the human. (Yes, even the made-up kind of Harry Potter animal.) But the thing is, I have a … Read More