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  1. Inspiration Monday : Vol. 5

    Let’s talk about Engagement Sessions. I’m not talking about how they build trust between you and your photographer (they do). I’m not referring to how they are super fun and super low stress (they are). And I’m not even here to tell you how much I love photographing them (because I do, I so do). I’m talking about the biggest (literally, the most caps ever) question I receive from my clients, WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO AN ENGAGEMENT SESSION. SERIOUSLY. … Read More

  2. Inspiration Monday : Vol. 4

    I first fell in love with interior design when I learned I could print in ALL CAPS, ALL THE TIME. (Not even joking about this.) A fact that is little known and little talked about is that I began college with a subscription to Architectural Digest and the intention of becoming an interior designer. Clearly God’s plan for my life was pretty different but in the (holycrap) twelve years since my first Interior Design class in high school, I’ve never … Read More

  3. Inspiration Monday : Vol. 3

    Today is the first day it really felt like fall; something different was in the air with the moody chill from the early storm clouds and the literal chill at my feet from our creaky old hardwood floors. Today was the first day that I wrapped myself in a cozy blanket, lit the candle on my desk and spent the majority of the morning in silence enjoying sound of the wind chime on the porch and the rustle of fallen … Read More

  4. Inspiration Monday : Vol. 2

    I am a sucker for a great, unexpected detail. Most of the time in my life, this relates to fashion or home decor (give me suede elbow patches or a gilded lion statue and I die with love) but if you’ve paid any attention to my J’Adore Weddings Pinterest Board, you’ve likely noticed that my love of details (of the wedding kind) runs pretty darn deep. And a sweet little detail like chair decor has my name written all over … Read More

  5. Inspiration Monday : Vol. 1

    September is my favorite month. Hands down. I attribute the majority of my September love to the impending arrival of my birthday midway through the month but let’s be honest, that is only part of it. This month brings a certain je ne sais quoi with it that only comes around once a year; that time where the air just smells different, the horizon starts to look different and we start craving cozy sweaters and riding boots. And you guys. … Read More

  6. Q&A with an Oho : Inspiration

    A. It’s starting to be that time of year, isn’t it? Photographers are spending hours upon hours in our PJ’s behind our computers, only putting on mascara for weddings, client meetings and the occasional family dinner. (Oh, that’s just me then?) We’re spending days in our offices without speaking to another human being, only coming out for coffee refills and Sour Patch Kids. (Again? Just me?) And every week is spent shooting, editing, burning, delivering and then doing it all … Read More