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  1. Instagram Thursday : Edition 32

    Welcome to the most compact version of Instagram Thursday yet. I packed a lot into this holiday week/weekend but I also spent a lot of time enjoying the last work-free weekend until November. And that meant movie night(s) on the couch with the husband. Dinner with friends over a couple really amazing bottles of wine. Cookie baking. Enjoyed girls night of thai + wine (naturally). Errand running. Hosted a Fantasy Football draft (of which this football novice somehow managed to … Read More

  2. Instagram Thursday : Edition 31

    Oh, that’s right. It’s back. Instagram Thursday is back in all of it’s insta-glory. You guys know I love a good hashtag, right? (Bonus points if it’s witty.) So, it’s no surprise that my favorite trend of my 2013 weddings is the custom wedding hashtag (looking at you #chuxwedding #justinsheena #misnermoorehitched). First, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE (very literally) ENDLESS. Your Name + His Name = hashtag. Your Last Name + His Last Name + Wedding = hashtag. Your First Initial + … Read More

  3. Instagram Friday : Edition 30

    YOU GUYS. Were it not for the Instagrams dated over the last 5 weeks, I would doubt November even happened at all. HOW IS IT DECEMBER? Wait, let me rephrase… HOW IS IT THE 7TH OF DECEMBER?! I said goodbye to the 2012 Wedding Season on November 11th by photographing the most beautiful Northwestern wedding of two of our most beautiful-hearted friends. I haz printed photos. CHRISTMAS. TREES. TIMES. THREE! I DIY’ed. I voted! I attended the stunning coming-out party … Read More

  4. Instagram Friday : Edition 29

    We’ve got three weeks of catch-up to do, friends… I lost a shoe in the Charleston airport x-ray machine and experienced my first airport tornado warning evacuation at O’Hare. I am not lying when I say, MSP has never looked so good. I pedicured in a much-needed kind of way. We road-tripped to Hayward, WI and fell in love with cabin-life after an early-morning lakeside sunrise and fell equally in love with one of my amazing September 2013 couples. (Love you … Read More

  5. Instagram Friday : Edition 28

    I’m considering becoming a snowbird approximately 40 years too young and moving to Charleston for the winter. Every winter. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you are probably in the dark about this but I have a new great love in life and it is the city of Charleston. Mac & Murphy. S.N.O.B. Celadon. Isle of Palms Beach. Rainbow Row. Indigo & Cotton. Magnolias. Elizabeth Stuart Design. The Battery. King Street. Sullivan’s Island. All of it. ALL OF … Read More

  6. Instagram Friday : Edition 27

    I photographed this girl. And she gifted me the prettiest little set of peach roses. Yes please. I wore moccasins (of the Minnetonka variety).  I photographed a mansion wedding for the sweetest couple and a gorgeous doggie & sunlight filled engagement session. And then collapsed on the bed with Gunnar and his Angry Bird. Hopped a plane to Florida and discovered that I am my Grandfather’s granddaughter via the (truly) amazing bookshelves in his study with their effortless styling. I. Had. … Read More

  7. Instagram Friday : Edition 26

    A week filled to the brim with: my birthday, so many of my best friends, coffee cups (SO. MANY. LATTES.), client walk-throughs, meetings & wine nights, a stunning ranch wedding, polka dot shoes and a green satchel. Oh, and THAT DOG. Seriously. #norespect How was your week? Find me here! Or search for @melissaoholendt!

  8. Instagram Friday : Edition 25

    Spent a polka-dotted Happy Hour with the Husband. Photographed a STUNNING wedding on Saturday. Visited The Foundry Home Goods and wanted to move in. (Literally.) Instead I settled for taking home a few pretty little accent pieces. I hit a new social media low and instagrammed my Sunday morning PJs. Thankfully they are striped, neon and completely G-rated. Things you did not see on Instagram: I had approximately 1,246 cups of espresso, ate an entire bag of Swedish Fish and … Read More

  9. Instagram Friday : Edition 24

    You right that right. Instagram Thursday is moving to Friday. And get ready; we have two jam-packed weeks to catch-up on. For only the second time in the last 6 years, I found myself at the Minnesota State Fair to photographed a pair of best friends. Matt and I attended (!!!) the most beautiful and heart-filled wedding of two dear friends of ours; what happens when photographers get together for a wedding and don’t have to photograph it? We dominate … Read More

  10. Instagram Thursday : Edition 23

    OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. September Issues hit newsstands this week. I’m pretty sure the combined weight of the 4 fashion magazines I picked up are comparable to a metric ton. LITERALLY. (Oh, but how I love you September Issues.) Gunnar somehow ended up in bed with a wine bottle and Matt and I are still trying to figure out how that happened. I had tacos and margaritas with the coolest guy I know, Collin Hughes, while he was back … Read More