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  1. Instagram Thursday : Edition 22

    I came (to visit new places and friends at Restaurant Alma, Lunalux, Style Architects, L’atelier Couture and Bastian Skoog‘s adorable Warehouse District flower cart). I saw (sweet friends and their new little additions, the most BEAUTIFUL wedding shoes…maybe ever and our wonderful neighbors around a cozy backyard fire). I conquered (SEVEN AMAZING YEARS OF MARRIAGE. BOOM.). Oh Instagram, I love you.

  2. Instagram Thursday : Edition 21

    Anchors. Polka dots. Stripes. Road tripping. Gunnar Cuddles. Office Supplies. Handyman Husband. Wedding Season Madness. The BEST time with friends. Pretty much sums it up. Oh Instagram, I love you.

  3. Instagram Thursday : Edition 20

    I made a mushroom (out of latte foam). I perused the new J.Crew Style Guide like a first year law student; dog-earring, highlighting and circling the good stuff. And it was all good stuff. Our art wall in the Melissa Oholendt Photography client meeting space (aka, the Oho Family Room) is finally complete. Photos are coming soon! I attended the Minne-O-polis cabaret show put on by my dear & crazy talented friend Oron Stenesh and laughed until I cried. Literally. … Read More

  4. Instagram Thursday : Edition 19

    I photographed a beautiful wedding on a boat and wanted to live and breathe the anchor carpet. (Yes, I just said I wanted to breathe carpet. Someone please give me a nautical intervention.) I snuggled with the pup. I – somehow – managed to plan, DIY and (with a LOT of help) execute the most wonderful dinner party on a rooftop with some of our closest friends in honor of Matt’s 30th birthday. I am now taking RSVPs for his … Read More

  5. Instagram Thursday : Edition 18

    (Insert resounding, sad sounding “wah-wah” for the fact that Instagram Thursday is Instagram Friday. Again. Now moving on.) Matty-Pants turned the big 3-0 on Monday. Yeayah. I wore bracelets. MN Bride Magazine hosted their Annual Best-Of Industry Party and between my amazing new friends and my incredible old friends, I was reminded how much I adore the people I get to surround myself with and how much talent there is within this industry. Way to go all of you. I counteracted … Read More

  6. Instagram Thursday : Edition 17

    Gunnar turned 5 this week. There were Stars and Stripes (and polka dots). I finally hung the art that has been patiently waiting for me to get my act together for weeks (months). HOT HOT HOT July days. I met a new friend for artful craft cocktails at Eat Street Social (did you expect anything less?). Family Dinner. I read THIS article and got a much needed slap in the face. Note to self: work to live, not the other way around. Matt … Read More

  7. Instagram Thursday : Edition 16

    There is no better indicator of how the past week has gone considering Instagram Thursday is being published on a Friday. What. A. Week. Pretty sure I survived purely on good music and lattes. We headed down to Nebraska for an Oho Family Wedding and thanks to road construction and a few missed detours, we turned a 5.5 hour road trip into a solid 8 hours of map reading, redirecting and OH MY GOSH, ARE WE THERE YET? (My part … Read More

  8. Instagram Thursday : Edition 15

    I think I found my calling this week in nautical themed fashion. Seriously. Anchors ahoy. I photographed Parc Boutique‘s E-Commerce Launch Party and somehow managed to avoid stuffing my face with mini-cupcakes. Don’t think I didn’t think about it. The mosquitoes came out en force this week and my legs show the battle wounds. J.Crew bribed me to come visit them; I’m showing restraint and waiting 7 days before I call. I took myself on a much needed me-date and … Read More

  9. Instagram Thursday : Edition 14

    I literally have no idea how a whole week has passed since the last Instagram Thursday. Were there not pictures to prove otherwise, I would think I slept through it. Between the Flower Suicide on my dining room table to the replacement peony bouquet to the flowers from last night’s Style Architects “Happily Ever After Hour” event, I spent some quality time with some gorgeous blooms. I wore some clothes and took some photos. I visited the American Swedish Institute … Read More

  10. Instagram Thursday : Edition 13

    I attended Style Architect’s Open House Soirée and fell in love with their open space and exposed brick walls. And got to spend the evening with some of my favorite ladies. And then I was sick. Sick enough that I didn’t Instagram a single photo on Friday. (Woah, right?) We finally put some art on the living room walls. (Also known as “a work in progress”.) I wore stripes. A lot. I pretended to be a florist. I kind-of, sort-of, maybe … Read More