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  1. Instagram Thursday : Edition 2

    I celebrated a birthday. I had brunch. I wore sparkly sandals. Multiple times. I re-read the Hunger Games. I honored St. Pat with wine & Brasa. Um, multiple times. I got a pedicure. I visited J.Crew. Just once. I went to see my friend Alex Masters open for Dave Barnes. I cuddled with the dog. Lots. It was a great week.

  2. Instagram Thursday.

    Oh, hey there, overly neglected blog reader. How are you doing today? Yeah? That’s great. So, if you didn’t notice, I’m back. (Hi.) Also noticeable? The last day I blogged the high temperature was 34 degrees. (Shame.) That’s ok. I needed a break and I’m almost certain you did too so really? You’re welcome. Jokes. While I may have disappeared from this blog for 2 weeks, I most certainly have been busy on all other forms of social media. You will … Read More