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  1. Jessica & Nate | St. Paul Lifestyle Photography

    Dear Baby Linnea, You’ve been here less than a month but I bet you already have your daddy wrapped around that beautiful little pinky of yours, don’t  you? I bet the minute he held you, he promised to God and anyone listening that he would protect you and your mom no matter what life would bring. I bet the second your mom held you she squeezed you tight and thanked God that you were finally here and that you were simply … Read More

  2. Equestrian Dreams

    It really is a ridiculous obsession considering the fact that I live in a city but I find myself completely head-over-heels in love with the entire concept of horse riding. I’m blaming it on those movies I love where the mysterious, handsome man comes through a break in the fog (on a horse) and steals the heart of the ever-charming heroine but it also might be traced back to the fashion. Long ago Ralph Lauren completed the missing piece in my heart by perfecting the Equestrian culture and … Read More

  3. Faith & Matt | St. Louis Park Lifestyle Photography

    Once upon a time there was a handsome-never-been-sick-in-his-whole-life-might-as-well-be-a-viking prince who was introduced to a gorgeous-stylish-and-equally-healthy princess. He knew from the first time they met that she was the one he wanted to marry and while it took her a tiny bit longer to figure out that he was her forever, once she did there was no turning back. They made a promise to love each other forever and a day and made a house their home, adding an adorably snaggle-toothed little pup … Read More

  4. Tari & Steve | North East, Maryland Lifestyle Photography

    Contrary to (my) popular opinion for most of my teenage (and admittedly, some of my adult) years – I have recently decided that despite all odds, I have pretty cool parents. Even though my dad tends to ignore the fact that yes, you CAN wear too much denim all at once and even though my mom proudly displays a 6-foot (terrifyingly lifelike) Nutcracker named Sir Frederick every Christmas season at the bottom of the stairs (where, really, there is no creepier place for … Read More

  5. Tthe Mallaiah-Scott Family | Minneapolis Lifestyle Photography

    There’s been a lot of talk on the blog lately about kids and babies and the lack of which my womb desires either one. (Yup, just said womb on the blog.) Sometimes I wonder if I do have a biological clock or if it is possible that I could have been born without that innate desire to procreate and fill the Earth with little Melissa’s and their nine year old propensity towards perms, glasses and koolats. But every once in … Read More