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  1. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Babes | 2013

    Holy moly, you guys, IT IS THE YEAR OF THE BABY. On one hand, I have never in my life heard more words (lactation) and stories (particularly those that involved a BIRTH) that give me the whole body shudders and on the other, I’ve never been as seduced by the scent of a newborn as I have in the last few months. I’ve also experienced envy at the hands of a hasn’t-been-born-yet newborn’s clothing options (I blame Zara Baby for … Read More

  2. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Gents | 2013

    My husband is a gift whisperer. You know, that person who always, and consistently, comes up with the perfect gift for each special person in their life? Yeah, that’s him. What the poor guy didn’t know (about me) was that I’m basically the exact opposite and am always and consistently a bad gift gifter (and now everyone knows that every great gift they’ve ever received from the Ohos has been at the hands of Matt Oholendt, WHATEVER, OK?). But what … Read More

  3. An Oho Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies | 2013

    Not to get all Santa Claus on you but the fact that today is December 2nd means that there are only 22 more shopping days left until Jolly Old Saint Nick shimmies down the world’s chimney. And, as if today declared itself Christmas, there’s a gentle snowfall accumulating outside, the dog is curled up at my feet, the tree is stunningly lit and there’s an evergreen candle burning in the next room. In case you missed the memo, it’s Christmastime like … Read More

  4. The Working Workshop | November 8th, 2013

    As of 1:50pm yesterday, the Workshop I will be co-hosting with Marlen Boro on November 8th is at 50% capacity. And for a girl who was pretty sure she was going to need to ask 16 strangers to come sit in a beautiful room (and eat the food we paid for) while I cried sad, bitter tears – this is just…pretty unbelievable. If you have not yet heard me shouting this announcement from the rooftops of Minneapolis, let me introduce … Read More

  5. The New & Improved Oho.

    I remember the day the whimsical, girly, calligraphy version of the Melissa Oholendt brand debuted was a day filled with happiness and the relief that only the culmination of 12-months of hard work, introspection and education can provide. And by Day Two? I was already thinking up ways to improve, refine and upgrade this Melissa Oholendt brand into something better. (Matt Oholendt is shaking his head at me somewhere.) But that is the fantastic thing about branding; it’s always evolving and … Read More

  6. Instagram Thursday : Edition 31

    Oh, that’s right. It’s back. Instagram Thursday is back in all of it’s insta-glory. You guys know I love a good hashtag, right? (Bonus points if it’s witty.) So, it’s no surprise that my favorite trend of my 2013 weddings is the custom wedding hashtag (looking at you #chuxwedding #justinsheena #misnermoorehitched). First, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE (very literally) ENDLESS. Your Name + His Name = hashtag. Your Last Name + His Last Name + Wedding = hashtag. Your First Initial + … Read More

  7. Twenty-Thirteen

    HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! (Ok, ok. Happy nearly-middle-of January. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.) I’ve been eagerly anticipating the start of this year for many, many reasons; one of the major reasons is that 2013 is the year I leave my 20’s. I joke that you may find me in the fetal position in a corner somewhere as my birthday gets closer and while I’m mildly serious, I also feel a great excitement towards that number. (Which is weird … Read More

  8. Instagram Friday : Edition 30

    YOU GUYS. Were it not for the Instagrams dated over the last 5 weeks, I would doubt November even happened at all. HOW IS IT DECEMBER? Wait, let me rephrase… HOW IS IT THE 7TH OF DECEMBER?! I said goodbye to the 2012 Wedding Season on November 11th by photographing the most beautiful Northwestern wedding of two of our most beautiful-hearted friends. I haz printed photos. CHRISTMAS. TREES. TIMES. THREE! I DIY’ed. I voted! I attended the stunning coming-out party … Read More

  9. Love, The Ohos.

  10. Instagram Friday : Edition 29

    We’ve got three weeks of catch-up to do, friends… I lost a shoe in the Charleston airport x-ray machine and experienced my first airport tornado warning evacuation at O’Hare. I am not lying when I say, MSP has never looked so good. I pedicured in a much-needed kind of way. We road-tripped to Hayward, WI and fell in love with cabin-life after an early-morning lakeside sunrise and fell equally in love with one of my amazing September 2013 couples. (Love you … Read More