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  1. Paying it Forward

    I wasn’t going to stop for lunch; I was going to head straight home and whip up a quick lunch and get back to editing but as if I had been forced by a tractor beam, I found msyelf pulling into the Chipotle parking lot. (That is my story and I’m sticking to it.) On my way into the restaurant I heard a soft-spoken, “Excuse me Miss.” I looked up from my iPhone and saw a man around my age, … Read More

  2. A New Day.

    It has been a day nearly 3 years in the making. I know it sounds dramatic but trust me when I say I’m not mincing words here. I’ve spent every day for almost 3 years preparing myself and my business for the day when I would be able to call photography my one and only full-time profession. Yesterday was my last day at a firm I’ve been with for more than 4 years. I’m leaving behind co-workers I adore and who have very … Read More

  3. To the Moms in my Life.

    Happy Mother’s Day to the two strong, confident women who raised Matt and I to be the very best versions of ourselves. Throughout our lives, you have taught us to love freely, give generously and to search for the value in the little things in life and for two fiercely strong willed children-turned-adults, I am certain that was no small feat. We love you both to the moon and all the way back. Always will. And, to my lady loves … Read More

  4. A Girl and her Dog.

    I’m asking you for your help. Actually, I take that back; I need your help on this one. I can’t do it alone. Read on. photo credit: (the fabulous) Lucky Mutt Photography I am (quite certainly) the definition of the crazy dog person that you shake your head at. The person who loves her dog as much as a human baby (I can say this because I don’t have a human baby.); I’m also the person who thinks kissing her dog, … Read More

  5. Tari & Steve | North East, Maryland Lifestyle Photography

    Contrary to (my) popular opinion for most of my teenage (and admittedly, some of my adult) years – I have recently decided that despite all odds, I have pretty cool parents. Even though my dad tends to ignore the fact that yes, you CAN wear too much denim all at once and even though my mom proudly displays a 6-foot (terrifyingly lifelike) Nutcracker named Sir Frederick every Christmas season at the bottom of the stairs (where, really, there is no creepier place for … Read More

  6. Twenty-Eleven

    If 2009 was a year of growth, 2010 will be known as the year I loved deeply. 2010 is also the year I traveled big, photographed big, dreamed big, changed big, failed big and then succeeded big. I traveled to California, Las Vegas, Utah, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Utah (again), Cabo, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, Maryland & Colorado. And still (still!) did not earned that elusive elite status. I took workshops; photographed lifestyle sessions, engagement sessions and lots and lots of weddings. I also … Read More

  7. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

    Back in 1998, an album came out that changed my teenage life as I knew it. I was a sophmore in high school and ever-so-slightly obsessed with a certain boy band named N’Sync. (And by ever-so-slightly I mean to say that I recorded every [and I mean every] TV show they made an appearance on, hung posters, bought books, maybe/might have even memorized the dance to “I Want You Back”. No biggie.) For you non-N’Sync junkies, 1998 was the year the Home … Read More

  8. Head Over Heels

    Welcome to the brand-new-and-highly-(highly)-improved Melissa Oholendt Photography. This day might actually be the most exciting day to happen in my life so far. And yes, that means it trumps the day I was born, the day I got my drivers license and (just barely) the day I married Matt. It’s likely this could also be known as the project that has occupied every single piece of my brain and has been eating up all my sanity over the last 11 … Read More