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  1. Whitney & Sean | Rustic Elegance in Park City

    It’s the way she leans in a little bit closer to him when she laughs. It’s the way he can tells she needs something before anyone else notices. It’s the way they each love their families and each other’s families equally. It’s the way she is naturally the center of attention in a crowd and the center of his universe always. It’s the way they make each other laugh in their own hilarious ways (especially on the dance floor). But … Read More

  2. Utah’s Olympic Park in Park City

    Mountains and bobsleds and ski-jumping, oh my.

  3. Lexy & Brian | Huntsville, Utah Wedding Photography

    Theirs was exactly what a wedding should be. A gathering of the people who have loved and supported them for years and a day that was 100% about them. Even down to the smallest detail, everything about that day was reflection of their honest, hilarious & beautiful relationship but most importantly, their devotion to God and His place in their marriage. A (mostly) silent First Look inside an Abbey, a solid hour of photos with their closest friends, a tears … Read More

  4. Sarah & David | Birmingham, Alabama Engagement Photography

    There’s just something about photographing my family that makes my heart happy. Love you guys. To view Sarah & David’s gorgeous Birmingham wedding, click here.

  5. Sarah & David | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photography

    The way their friends spoke of them at the Rehearsal Dinner was entirely humbling. These two incredible individuals were a few short hours from becoming a powerhouse couple and the things that were said about this couple made me believe they would solve world hunger in one day and still have dinner on the table by 6:00pm. But you know what? It wouldn’t surprise me. They are that amazing together. Between her drive to care and love for people and … Read More

  6. Claire & Matthew | Fort Campbell, Kentucky Lifestyle Photography – Part 2

    Almost 4 years ago, I watched two of my very best friends in the world walk down the aisle of a church that was so familiar and felt something similar to pride. Our small circle of friends with our many years of friendship, vacations and late night conversations had produced a kind of magic; something tangible and inherently valuable. Love. It began as a love born out of friendship but grew to something much more substantial and sustaining and the ability to witness and be an integral part of their … Read More

  7. Claire & Matthew | Fort Campbell, Kentucky Lifestyle Photography – Part 1

    We’ve been the best of friends for a lifetime. Maybe not technically a lifetime (yet) but for more than fifteen of my 27 years, Claire has been my best friend in name and in spirit. From the day we met at her house, sitting across from each other at the kitchen table, our friendship just naturally fit. Through our most formative & influential years, our lives simply revolved around that same kitchen table in the very same house. It became the place … Read More

  8. Equestrian Dreams

    It really is a ridiculous obsession considering the fact that I live in a city but I find myself completely head-over-heels in love with the entire concept of horse riding. I’m blaming it on those movies I love where the mysterious, handsome man comes through a break in the fog (on a horse) and steals the heart of the ever-charming heroine but it also might be traced back to the fashion. Long ago Ralph Lauren completed the missing piece in my heart by perfecting the Equestrian culture and … Read More

  9. Things I Love (even more now): WPPI Recap

    It rolls on like a highlight reel in my head. WPPI 2011 will go down as the best trip of my life with some of my best friends and, trust me, I know how bold of a statement that is. Gina-bean. Roomies & Airplanes. Did you really expect anything less from me? Two of the coolest women on the planet: Caroline & Nancy. MTH Alum Night o’ Fun. My girl E. iPhoning with G & Caroline. No one had more beautiful roommates; … Read More

  10. Things I Love: WPPI

    Tomorrow begins (my) second annual trek to WPPI to partake in all things photography, friendship and late night dance parties. If you are going to be there, I would love, love, love to connect with you! If you see me, please come say hi; I’ll be the red-head who’s laughter you can hear across a room. if you are not, you can follow my shenanigans on Twitter.