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  1. Lauren & Mike | St. Paul Wedding Photography

    He took the hand that hung delicately between them and kissed her palm softly, her eyes were drawn to him as she smiled with her whole being. Her eyes, her mouth, her cheeks, even her nose were affected by her smile that can change moods, change minds and even change entire rooms. Theirs was a subtle but wholly powerful love; one that reached out and filled an entire library hall with it’s dedication and heart. It was fitting that they chose a library as their wedding … Read More

  2. Lindsay & Joe | Edina Reception Photography

    There are those things in life that just work for no reason other than that they fit perfectly together. Things that just work; items and people (and retail locations) that nature intended to be lifelong partners. Peanut butter & jelly. Navy nautical stripes & Honeysuckle. Me & J.Crew. And now and forever? Lindsay & Joe. During the reception Lindsay’s best friend gave a beautiful toast where she spoke about how Lindsay and Joe have never lived life in a small way. Example? They fly to Paris to get married … Read More

  3. If Mickey Drexler married Jane Austen this would be their wedding

    So long. I dreamed about this shoot for so, so long. I hope you love it as much as I do. (PS. These vendors rocked my world. If you ever have the opportunity to hire them? Please do. You will not regret it.) Event Design: First Blush Bride Fashion Styling: Faith Brue Dress: Grace Bridal Boutique Flowers: A Day in Provence Cake: Sweets by Natalie Kay Stationery: Kelley Burfiend Hair & Make-up: Smart & Chic Published on the Minnesota Bride Blog & … Read More