Equestrian Dreams

It really is a ridiculous obsession considering the fact that I live in a city but I find myself completely head-over-heels in love with the entire concept of horse riding. I’m blaming it on those movies I love where the mysterious, handsome man comes through a break in the fog (on a horse) and steals the heart of the ever-charming heroine but it also might be traced back to the fashion. Long ago Ralph Lauren completed the missing piece in my heart by perfecting the Equestrian culture and made riding breeches an acceptable and even a fashionable choice outside the horse environment and, to this day, my staple go-to outfit is a crisp button-up shirt, leggings and tall boots.

For years now I’ve been channeling my inner esquestrian heart into clothes but when the opportunity arose to photograph horses at a friend of the family’s stables the last time I was in Maryland, I was in the car with my gear before my mom was even off the phone. Now that, people, is eternal love.

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  1. yay! love horses. I miss riding! A few of my best summers were spent on a farm with horses, riding (and then being incredibly sore and dirty). Fun!

  2. HOLY MOLY! I want to live on a horse ranch now! :) LOVE!!!!!!!

  3. Lurrve it

  4. fiiiiiiiiiiiilllllm.


  5. What beauties :) I <3 hearing about your fave staple outfit! I finally have some tall boots and wear them as often as possible. xoxo

  6. More please! Love the feel, liked this one MO!

  7. Gotta love a blogpost with photos of horses! Thanks, girl!

  8. Tari Moore

    Awesome!!! Want more pictures from this shoot!

  9. I honestly ‘gasped’ in glee when I saw these – How beautiful! Yes, I am a photo nerd & I want that horse too. btw I <3 you, thanks for the blog love.

  10. Love these images Melissa! My grandpa loved horses and I remember riding them on his farm as a child… I have such a soft spot in my heart for these beautiful animals. So pretty!

  11. cute!! love these :) horses are soooo amazing to work with!!