Featured! 100 Layer Cakelet

Things I Googled Today:

“how to spell siracha” (for the record, it’s sriracha and I’ve been spelling it wrong for FOREVER)
“places to purchase a cat t-shirt” (for a friend, I swear it)
“q words without a u” (yes, this means I’m playing a word game on my iPhone and yes, this means I’m cheating)
and lastly, “how to share successes in a thoughtful and kind way”.

2013 really was a banner year in terms of places my images popped up; I say that with a whole lot of humility because this hasn’t always been the case for me and I know it won’t always be either. So while these types of years are here, we are celebrating. And today that means celebrating the day my images of Malia’s First Birthday Party were featured on 100 Layer Cakelet.

Thanks are owed to the really, really kind ladies at 100 Layer Cakelet and also to Malia’s momma, Lisa, who is just about the best.

blog_100 Layer Cakelet April 2013

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