Featured! Club Monaco & Style Architects.

You guys. I’m an extrovert to the nth degree (aka, extrovert to the MAX). I tell everyone pretty much everything and have declared myself a spine-is-broken-so-it-doesn’t-even-close-anymore open book. Needless to say, it’s fairly rare that I have a did I really never say anything about that? moment so when I was cleaning out a folder on my desktop this morning and found these screen captures (not even ironically titled, “TO BE BLOGGED_screencapture.jpg”) that had not yet seen the light of day, I thought I would take care of business and get it done. (And let’s be honest, this is really only so I can file these jpgs away. Organizational OCD FTW.)

Big, belated, grateful thanks to Club Monaco & Style Architects and lots of love and hugs to Kate at Wit+Delight for subjecting herself to my behind-the-camera bad jokes multiple times.

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