Fine Art Albums

I still remember the first time I stumbled across my parent’s wedding album.

There it was, stored in an old bookcase, alongside decades and generations worth of hardcover albums filled with photos of the people and events that made up our family. Humbly obscure with it’s black leather cover and worn binding, I pulled it from the shelf and as I paged through the album I found myself entranced with a certain image of my beloved mother & father looking at each other as if they could move oceans and mountains with their love. Even though I was still many, many years away from realizing my desire to capture the same moments for others, that moment of seeing my parents as young lovers has forever shaped how I view my parents and their adoration for each other that has only grown over their marriage.

This is the power of the fine art wedding album. It physically connects the observer with a wedding day in such a beautifully tangible way. Whether that observer is you, reminiscing on your one year anniversary, or whether that observer is a gaggle of grandchildren 40 or 50 years in the future, giggling in awe at how young grandma and grandpa looked – the effect is the same; it connects the viewer to a date and time in the past and offers a look into how life used to be in a way viewing digital files on a computer screen never can.

A handcrafted, fine art album is not only an heirloom piece for you to enjoy but also for generations after to look upon with love and fondness. It is the one piece of technology that will always have a place in your home and in the homes of your loved ones, no matter the decade. It truly is a legacy.