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It’s true and I’ll be the first to admit it.

There is a switch in my brain that has literally flipped from off to on in the last year or so. YOU KNOW THE SWITCH. Yeah, that one. Going from “Babies? Maybe when I’m 40.” to “ohmygoshthatchildisadorable – canIhaveoneplease” is kind of one of those life changing switches. I don’t know if it was turning 30 or if it just became a matter of there being a really wonderful amount of totally fun and charming children in my life, but the reality of one day being a parent doesn’t feel as far off as it used to.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, just know that – for now – the only thing that flipped switch actually means is that I find myself really, honestly enjoying being around kids. The past 8 months have brought so many unquestionably captivating new families into my life by way of Lifestyle Sessions and it’s been fun to be allowed to witness the parents be really awesome parents and document the kids being kids.

This lovable family holds a special place in my heart because I share their love of colorful playgrounds & swing sets, rolling in the leaves and laughing all day, every day. So, to the sweet Grahek-McClure family – thank you for sharing your family time with me and allowing me the privilege of being a small part of your family, even if just for an hour.


(Just kidding, mom. Seriously. Just kidding.)

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  1. This family totally proves that lifestyle sessions are the way to go! How can you not love having your children captured in photos just as they are? That little boy is going to be a big boy in not time and remembering how small and wobbly he was or that he went in the baby swing is going to be so sweet for this mama and daddy. We love all of our photos with you for this reason. They aren’t cheesy posed images. They are us just as we were the day you came (only with makeup in my case:)). Love your work sweet lady!

  2. Yay! Love it. And love the admission (shocking! heh). It’s a good place to get to. And at the risk of being that annoying friend with kids who gives unsolicited and trite advice—you won’t get to a place where you’re READY. That place doesn’t exist. Being open and excited, yes. Being READY? Never. In the most awesome way. So hooray for what the horizon holds!