Head Over Heels

Welcome to the brand-new-and-highly-(highly)-improved Melissa Oholendt Photography. This day might actually be the most exciting day to happen in my life so far. And yes, that means it trumps the day I was born, the day I got my drivers license and (just barely) the day I married Matt. It’s likely this could also be known as the project that has occupied every single piece of my brain and has been eating up all my sanity over the last 11 months but I could not be more thrilled to share and I could not be more proud of the results. I also really could not have done this alone.

My brilliant designer Taylor Pemberton is the genius behind the cohesive brand that I am so in-love with and became one of my closest (and definitely one of my most handsome) friends in the process.

Calligrapher Grace Edmands brought the gorgeous (gorgeous!!) calligraphy to life and even sent me a Christmas card (!!).

My absurdly talented web designer Phil Joncas built, coded and styled the crap out of my amazing website from the ground up and gave melissaoholendt.com the upgrade of a lifetime.

My stunning photo-bestie Gina Zeidler put me in front of her camera and somehow managed to get my best side from every side even despite my frequent attempts to look ridiculous.

And to every single person who has sent encouraging texts, emails, tweets, facebook messages and phone calls over the last 11 months? You made this happen. No lies. I owe you a macaron date (or five).

Heart this day times a million.

(That is a happy face, my friends. Photo by the effervescent Gina Zeidler.)

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  1. Kimber

    I love the colors, I love the layout, and I especially LOVE the script/calligraphy! This turned out amazing Mel, so excited and happy for you that it’s finally done and out. I am sure you are relishing in the moment :) Love you and your talented self.

  2. Christina

    it’s gorgeous, hon! congratulations!!! xoxo

  3. This calligraphy perfection – classic yet whimsical. A branding job well done, Melissa!

  4. It is perfection Melissa! Stunning, just like you and your work! Get it gurl! :)

  5. Everything is simply stunning Mel! I love it and this just feels so much more you!! :-)

  6. I can’t say it enough you are truly amazing girl!!! TRULY Can I be jus like you!! luv ya

  7. So the taunting is over. Can I scream with excitement on the interwebs?? So happy for you. So excited for you. So PROUD of you! Every bit of it is gorgeous…and so Melissa Oholendt. :)

  8. melissa, this is divine. i love all the typography. i love the new image of you. i want to explore your site more, but later :) your new font and design is amazing. i love it here. i love how all the images are on grey. so, so perfect. divine.

  9. So happy for yoU!!! And this is a FABULOUS picture of you!

  10. Brilliant and amazing. I love it all!

  11. I am so in love with your new brand! It is perfect and absolutely YOU. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see the awesomeness you bring to 2011!