Hi. My name is Melissa and there are two things you should know about me right away. First thing? I’m a hugger. Secondly? I am a lover of beauty and it’s kind-of unbelievably fitting since rumor has it that my first spoken word was, indeed, “pretty”.

I am a lover of other things, of course, like my seriously amazing husband and brand new baby girl. The best and worst dogs ever, Gunnar & Charlie. The Colorado mountains. Adjectives (like woah). Justin Timberlake. A solidly rainy day. Anything & everything J.Crew does. And a really great bottle of bubbly. But since all of those pieces are beautiful in their own way (especially Justin Timberlake), I think it’s safe to say that finding (and loving) the beauty in life is my thing.

It’s how I’ll approach your wedding day, how I decorate my home and how I view life in general. I believe it is possible to find beauty in everything and truly believe life is better when we can live by that philosophy.

So, take a minute or two to peruse my portfolio galleries and if you like what you see, let’s connect. And hug. I mean talk. (No, I really mean hug.)

I promise to be as excited about the pretty in your life as I am about the pretty in mine.