Holiday Gift Guide for the Family Member of the Animal Kind | 2011

Boomer in Independence Day. Buck-Beak in Harry Potter, Prisoner of Azkaban. Dug in Up. Any of the horses in Hidalgo but especially Hidalgo himself.

There’s a joke (a no-but-really-we’re-not-kidding joke) amongst my friends and family that – in movies and yes, admittedly in real life too – that I tend to be far more concerned about the well-being of an animal versus the human. (Yes, even the made-up kind of Harry Potter animal.) But the thing is, I have a feeling I am not alone in this. If my campaign to raise money for the animal victims of the Japanese tsunami earlier this year was any indication, there are SO MANY of you animal adoring friends out there. So naturally, even if just for my own dog’s sake, there now exists a Holiday Gift Guide for the family members with four legs.

And this. This is something I can claim to be an expert in.

For the Sleepy Bear : Furbish Custom Dog Bed | $100 to $130

These have been on my holiday wish-list for a couple years now. Gorgeous. And customizable to exactly fit your home decor. What more could you ask for?

For the Photogenic One : Sarah Beth Photography Sessions
She is my friend but there are no biased feelings when I tell you she is the best in the studio pet photography business. Contact her. ASAP. You won’t be disappointed. Promise. Bonus points for a local Minneapolis small business!

For the Silly One : Fugly Friends Fugly Dog Toy | $15.50
They are so ugly they are cute. Gunnar will have one under the tree this year. For sure.

For the Hungry One : Pottery Barn Paw Print Dog Bowl & Stand | $16 to $39
Gunnar’s favorite way to eat. (And surprisingly durable considering his penchant for eating in 2 seconds flat.)

For the Sassy Cat : Pattern & Paw Fiesta Cat Collar | $12
This is the most amazing cat collar I have ever seen. Any cat without one will not be equal.

For the Dapper Dog : Silly Buddy Dog Bow Tie Collar | $42
It is a good thing Gunnar can’t read otherwise he’d know that this will also be under the tree for him this year.

For the Water Loving Pet : Jake Spade Dog Rope Lead | $45 to $48
A gorgeous find for man’s best friend in natural, red, orange and olive. I dare you to resist.

For the Memories :  Stray Dog Arts Custom Dog Portraiture
Jessie is another local Minneapolis friend but offers such a gorgeous unique product and one that I will one day commission her for! Support local businesses!

For the Playful Pup : Jake Spade Dog Toy Tongue | $18
Amazing in that it reminds me of Gunnar’s tongue. And his playful nature. And desire to tug. Always.

For the Pet Who Gives Back : Second Chance Animal Rescue
My dear friend, and fabulous Minneapolis on-location dog photographer, Becky Kalin with Lucky Mutt Photography originally turned me onto this charitable organization formed to provide dog & cats with a Second Chance. An organization I, one day, hope to be a part of.

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  1. I love these gift guides – especially this one. Crazy animal people unite!

  2. LOVE! Especially Sarah Beth :)