Inspiration Monday : Vol. 3

Today is the first day it really felt like fall; something different was in the air with the moody chill from the early storm clouds and the literal chill at my feet from our creaky old hardwood floors. Today was the first day that I wrapped myself in a cozy blanket, lit the candle on my desk and spent the majority of the morning in silence enjoying sound of the wind chime on the porch and the rustle of fallen leaves from my open window. Today is the first day I wanted to scream “THIS IS FALL FRIENDS!!!!” from the rooftops while another (bigger) part of me never wanted the silence to end.

This is the exact same way music moves me. A great song can make me cry, laugh, dance, scream, smile and die and, in the same moment, all I want to do is sit in silence listening. There are songs in my life that mean something; songs that can bring me right back to any particular moment in my life so vividly, so perfectly. The song I played on repeat after my first heartbreak. The song I said goodbye to my dad as I walked down the aisle to. The song(s) that cemented a once-in-a-lifetime friendship. The absolute right playlist at the absolute right time is pure magic and this collection of songs is no exception.

This is Autumn Beginnings.

01. No One’s Gonna Love You by Band of Horses.
02. Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles.
03. Alone by Trampled by Turtles.
04. Only I Do by Alex Masters.
05. Faithfully by Matt the Electrician.
06. Here I Am by Shawn McDonald.
07. Just a Game by Birdy.
08. Pull My Heart Away by Jack Peñate.
09. Breathe Me by Sia.
10. You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol.
11. Please Don’t Go by Barcelona.
12. The Scientist by Coldplay.

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What is your perfect Fall Playlist? I would love to hear!  

(2) Comments

  1. I LOVE that you included Trampled by Turtles and Birdy (please tell me you’ve heard Birdy’s cover of “Skinny Love”…). “The Scientist” is an absolute classic – perfect for fall!
    My playlist:
    “All My Days” (Alexi Murdoch)
    “Count to Three” (Amy Stroup)
    “England” (The National)
    “Bird Song” (The Wailin’ Jennys)
    “When It Sinks In” (Farewell Milwaukee)
    “Re: Stacks” (Bon Iver)
    “Keep Your Heart Young” (Brandi Carlile)
    “Bittersweet Melodies” (Feist)
    “Farther Along” (Josh Garrels)
    “Needle & Thread” (Sleeping At Last)
    “Kingdom Come” (The Civil Wars)

  2. erin

    This looked so good that I made it into a Spotify playlist (minus the Matt the Electrician song, which Spotify apparently doesn’t have). I think this should work if you or any other Spotify users want to play it!