Inspiration Monday : Vol. 4

I first fell in love with interior design when I learned I could print in ALL CAPS, ALL THE TIME. (Not even joking about this.) A fact that is little known and little talked about is that I began college with a subscription to Architectural Digest and the intention of becoming an interior designer. Clearly God’s plan for my life was pretty different but in the (holycrap) twelve years since my first Interior Design class in high school, I’ve never lost my love for living in a well-thought out and beautiful space.

I’ve talked a lot about surrounding yourself with the things that inspire you and even though it took me all day, a Swiffer duster and a serious refreshing of my Inspiration Boards, I actually do walk my talk. Really.

Bonus points to anyone who can spot Charleston swag.

(6) Comments

  1. just curious when I can move in? I’m available any time tomorrow. you rock my world. please teach me your ways. xoxo 4ever.

  2. Sarah Moore

    You are the most awesomest ever =)

  3. Love how you styled your bookshelves!!

  4. ok i was envious of your trip… but this office is now making me sort of hate you. it’s awesome! i love it! what an amazing space to work in! i agree with syd above, please teach me your ways!

  5. As always… love your workspace, love your style, love you! Keep it up girl!!

  6. Jessica Kesterson! I adore your color coded book shelves and the fact that you have fresh roses on your desk (in contrast to my empty tea cups and rotten banana peel…) And is that Russel & Hazel?!