Inspiration Monday : Vol. 5

Let’s talk about Engagement Sessions.

I’m not talking about how they build trust between you and your photographer (they do). I’m not referring to how they are super fun and super low stress (they are). And I’m not even here to tell you how much I love photographing them (because I do, I so do). I’m talking about the biggest (literally, the most caps ever) question I receive from my clients, WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO AN ENGAGEMENT SESSION. SERIOUSLY. (And I quote.)

I mean. I’m not a professional. I’m not. I know a girl if you need someone. But me? No. But if there’s one thing I am exceedingly good at? (I mean, like, really really really good at.) Shopping. Especially for other people. And especially if you give me unrestricted access to J.Crew and a bottle of wine. (Best ever.)

So, what are my tips for getting the most out of your Engagement Photos Fashion?

The very heart of what I want to do is to tell your story and a huge part of that is documenting who you are, right this very moment, as a couple. And since clothing can be such a great representation of your personalities and the location(s) you have chosen for your Engagement Session (which, ideally, are also a part of your personality) why not take advantage?

I know, I know. You have probably heard from a well-meaning friend/family member/stranger that you should stay away from pattern and trends and that maybe you should avoid this or that color or maybe even that you should wear classic styles as to not date your photos. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Thank them. And then ignore. I’m going to put this in all-caps so you hear me, YOUR ENGAGEMENT SESSION IS NOT A TIME FOR YOU TO PLAY IT SAFE.

Trends are FUN. So embrace color, patterns & the occasional trend and don’t worry about photos that may or may not end up dated. If I’m doing my job right, this won’t be the last time in the next 10 years you have your photo taken. (And if it is, expect a knock on your door from this girl in 10 years.) Besides, who’s to say that we won’t all be wearing silver jumpsuits in the year 2032? (YEP. I JUST WENT THERE.)

There are so many amazing places for inspiration but I’ve collected some of my favorites on my Fashion Loves board on Pinterest. And if your outfit is inspired by one of those photos? I may just hug you and never let go. Especially if it involves sequins or (faux) fur.

Sure. The guy has it easy. Gingham button-up. Straight-cut jeans. MacAlister boots. BOOM. (I don’t know about you, but that made me want to throw something at my husband just typing it out.)

Easy, right? Yes. Completely. But don’t let his fashion take a backseat just because it’s easy. Adding a festive tartan tie or switching out his boring ol’ laces for a bright, fun pair can make all the difference (and bonus points, gives me fun details to photograph).

No, but seriously. This is my MO in life in general so just trust me on this one. There’s no panic like the I-HAVE-AN-ENGAGEMENT-SESSION-IN-FOUR-HOURS-AND-NOTHING-TO-WEAR panic. And besides, stress resonates through your entire body and will affect how your Engagement Photos look even if you find that perfect outfit two hours prior. My mission in life is to make your Engagement Session a wonderful, fun, oh-we-were-so-comfortable-we-didn’t-even-notice-your-big-camera time and ideally that starts even before you arrive at the location.

Lastly? Email Me. I have a handy little PDF full of fashion goodness for the Fall/Winter, location ideas and even more ideas about how to get the most out of your Engagement Session. I’d love to share it with you.

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