Instagram Friday : Edition 24

You right that right. Instagram Thursday is moving to Friday. And get ready; we have two jam-packed weeks to catch-up on.

For only the second time in the last 6 years, I found myself at the Minnesota State Fair to photographed a pair of best friends. Matt and I attended (!!!) the most beautiful and heart-filled wedding of two dear friends of ours; what happens when photographers get together for a wedding and don’t have to photograph it? We dominate the dance floor. (For reals.) Gunnar slept. And was branded. My blog-bestie Dusty came into town and we got together over wine and laughter and lots of photos. I wore white after Labor Day. (Shame!) I mistakenly purchased baby food at the grocery store…and kind-of loved it. (More shame!) I visited my hair-love Steven at Juut Gaviidae. My mom-in-law came to town for a crazy short couple of days and we had the best time; Gunnar has never felt so loved. I worked and edited and sat behind my desk for more hours than I care to admit but holy moly, I love what I get to do every day.

Also. Seven more shopping days until my birthday. #justsaying #IloveSeptember

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