Instagram Friday : Edition 30

YOU GUYS. Were it not for the Instagrams dated over the last 5 weeks, I would doubt November even happened at all. HOW IS IT DECEMBER? Wait, let me rephrase… HOW IS IT THE 7TH OF DECEMBER?!

I said goodbye to the 2012 Wedding Season on November 11th by photographing the most beautiful Northwestern wedding of two of our most beautiful-hearted friends. I haz printed photos. CHRISTMAS. TREES. TIMES. THREE! I DIY’ed. I voted! I attended the stunning coming-out party of Tara LaTour at the best bridal salon in the Midwest (and maybe ever), L’atelier Couture. I traveled to Maryland to watch my mama’s inauguration as Cecil County Executive and learned my mom has recently picked up a gun-hobby. Via her office door. (Remind me not to argue with my mom anymore.) Also subsequently learned that I really (really) enjoy speech writing/editing (with wine). #secretskillz I brunched with mah husband. Twice. And to top it all off, Gunnar found a new favorite resting place…on my stomach.

So, how was your week this week?

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