Instagram Thursday : Edition 23

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. September Issues hit newsstands this week. I’m pretty sure the combined weight of the 4 fashion magazines I picked up are comparable to a metric ton. LITERALLY. (Oh, but how I love you September Issues.) Gunnar somehow ended up in bed with a wine bottle and Matt and I are still trying to figure out how that happened. I had tacos and margaritas with the coolest guy I know, Collin Hughes, while he was back in Minneapolis for literally a minute. I am so thankful for him. After nearly 4 years, I finally convinced the founding members of our non-blood-family Minneapolis family to get in front of my camera. If I could eradicate one thing from this world (aside from the non-petty and real world problems like hunger, discrimination and war) it would be the ever-annoying and always inconvenient summer cold. But one good thing happens when I am down and out for the count, all those little business details that tend to end up low priority during wedding season (things like entering receipts, tracking mileage and PICKING NEW PACKAGING MATERIALS  – #stripesFTW – become priority numero uno) because they tend to be the only things your brain can handle while on cold medicine. Oh, and dog cuddles. Because that is my norm.

Oh Instagram, I love you.

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